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Phrase:roman law
DA Name:roman law
Source Language:Latin

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Common name for CANON LAW -- a forgery first formed by the ROMAN CULT in the 11th Century claiming certain fictitious ancient Roman maxims and precedents which falsely place the ROMAN CULT above all secular LAW. Deliberately and falsely claimed by COURTS subservient to CURIA of the ROMAN CULT as pertaining to ancient Roman Empire Laws. The main procedural foundations of the false Roman Law was VENETIAN LAW (more commonly known as MARITIME LAW and/or ADMIRALTY LAW) introduced in the 12th and early 13th Century during the creation of the highest legal PERSONALITY under COMMON LAW--the HOLY SEE (Sea). Hence, under the corrupted Roman Law of the ROMAN CULT living men and women are considered VESSELS subject to JURISDICTION of the SEE (Sea) with the WATERMARK of all nations with diplomatic recognition (CONCORDATS) of the SEE (Sea) set at the highest mountain peaks--hence all land is therefore "Under the Sea" and PROPERTY of the SEE (Sea). Few genuine pre-Roman Cult maxims of Roman Law survive into present day COMMON LAW.