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Since the times when our earliest human ancestors first conquered their hunger long enough to think, there has been something mystical and profound to us about the cycle of life and death.

At the heart of every culture of humanity that has ever existed, there appears the common quest to make sense of the apparent fragility of life and violence of death.

Underpinning these beliefs, has been the dual purpose of seeking to make sense of the canvas upon which the scenes of life and death occur - our environment, our beautiful and often terrible oceans, our sky and our Earth.

It is through the gradual evolution and sophistication of various cultures in their attempt to make sense of life and death on this planet we call Earth over the past few thousands of years that we see the emerging common theme of the negative aspects of nature being literally and symbolically attributed to some kind of supernatural and ultimately detrimental force.

As many cultures as have existed has there been stories and supreme Gods created to describe the sometimes terrible results of nature against humanity. This is the basis of this story- the history of humanities development of the concept of supreme evil spirits.

Zoroastrian cosmic view of good versus evil

It was the Persians who described in great complexity and detail a great cosmic battle between the armies and forces of good versus the armies and forces of evil.

It is the legacy of the magi of Persia and through the exile of the former scribes and officials of the Israelite kings who survived execution to be “re-programmed” from 600 BCE onwards that we see the influence of this continuing mindset.

From Jewish traditions leading up to the birth of the Nazarene and Gnostic traditions, through to the twisted model created by the Paul of Tarsus and the Jewish High Priests as Christianity. For nearly three thousand years, the universe has been painted as a battleground of good versus evil, of angels versus demons, of God/Jesus versus the Lucifer/Satan.

Ignorance versus true Knowledge

Another way to view the great battle between the forces of good and evil is to consider it more a battle between the willing ignorance of people versus and understanding of the true knowledge of themselves, their potential and the history of their world.

While not as poetic, nor graphic as images of great battles between arch-angels and arch-demons, the war between Ignorance and Truth is far more real a challenge than an image akin to Universal Championship Wrestling.

Stacked against the forces of universal truth and knowledge is the human condition that worships ignorance as a kind of heavenly bliss- that not to know is somehow better than the truth.

In a sense, this attitude has come about after centuries of men, women and sometimes children actually being brave enough to stand up and challenge prevailing regimes and lies, only to face the inevitable consequences of brutal and evil systems such as the Vatican and the Popes.

So it is understandable today that people do not want to know the truth of why things happen and who arranges for them to happen.

But to worship ignorance in the form of celebrity airheads, people so superficial, their fame is often based on nothing is taking the cult of ignorance worship to a new and dangerous extreme.

Unlike previous centuries when people were forced by laws to give up certain beliefs, to be deprived of education and basic rights, our world is now breeding young people who openly embrace ignorance and the sacrifice of liberty as if it is theirs to simply throw away.

The end result may be yet a return to methods of government and controls, albeit more modern in technology approach is historic consistent with dictatorships whereby a small few are lucky enough to live within an artificial bubble, detached from reality, while the vast majority are enslaved to a system that offers no rest, nor rights, nor hope of escape.

If all of this sounds far fetched, right at this moment, nations who have enjoyed decades of democratic freedom and joyously sacrificing their freedoms and liberties for the promise of a socialist paradise such as Venezuala. How many more nations will suddenly turn from “broken democracy” to embrace this new age of willing enslavement?

For the sake of your soul and those of your children

This is the central challenge in the battle between good and evil, not on the scale of the universe, but between human beings and human ideas- between models of suppression, elitism, and evil versus models of hope, of enlightenment and possibility.