image Officials:Official Patron: the absolute, the one, the ALL


The official and eternal patron of One-Heaven is the Absolute, the One, the ALL that which we differently call as God, as Allah, as the Universe and beyond, as every thought, as the Unique Collective Awareness and all possible existence.

Official name of the Official Patron

In respect to the historical traditions and cultures of Humanity, the name of the Official Patron shall be written by certified representative organisations according to custom.

Therefore, for members of Christian custom, the Official Patron shall be known as God the Father, the son, the spirit, the absolute.

For members of Jewish custom, the Official Patron shall be known as YHWH, the one true God.

For members of Islamic tradition, the Official Patron shall be known as Allah, the father.

For members of Buddhist and Hindu tradition, the Official Patron shall be known as the universe, the mother spirit.

Endorsement of One-Heaven by Official Patron

By Article 8, 11 and 12 of the Constitution, the absolute fully endorses the constitution and purpose of One-Heaven, its rules and objectives and its content. This is because the constitution itself represents the very will and goals of the absolute towards humanity and the existence of such entities.

One-Heaven as official resident of Official Patron

As Official Primary Patron, the absolute further endorses in making One Heaven its official residence in respect to the collective spirits of humanity. Furthermore, the Official Patron endorses and provides a number of official representatives in the form of the great and holy spirits, the great council of saints and ascended masters and elders all of whom have chosen to take up collective existence under the rules and charter of the Constitution of One Heaven.

From this point on, any other claims of official residency of the Official Patron in name other than One Heaven shall be applicable only to historical belief and tradition. From this point on, the Official residence of the Official Patron of One heaven shall be One Heaven itself.