Ucadia Time

UCADIA Time (also written as UCA Time) is a unique Time and Space System for charting time and past, present and future events aligned with the true seasons, cycles and awareness of planet Earth and the Universe as a whole. It is the most perfect Time and Space System ever conceived and it is the official Time and Space System of UCADIA and all associated Societies.

There are and have been many time and space systems created. The most common today is the Roman Cult System of Time and Space, also known as the Vatican also known as the Roman Catholic Church with the Supreme Pontiff as Supreme Timekeeper.

Other common time systems include Islamic Time as well as Jewish Talmud Time, both based on the cycle of moons rather than primarily the cycle of the Sun as in the Roman Calendar.

The accuracy and significance of all systems of Time and Space includes not only the accuracy of the calendar time system, but the significance of Time and Space Itself in relation to the belief system.

The Ucadia Time and Space System is based on a solar year of 365.24291 days per year, with a addition and subtraction of days every four years, one hundred and twenty eight years, one thousand and seventy years and three thousand two hundred and ten years to create an accuracy within one day for accurate solar days over a ten thousand year period.

The Ancient Time Calendar of Precession

In the case of the Roman Calendar, it celebrates its founding year upon the birth of John the Baptist 0CE, also known as Johann ben Zachai, the founder of rabbinical judaism method and a key philosopher upon which Sarmatian Talmudic Judaism is based.

In contrast, the Nazarene and Gnostic Calendar begins with the birth of Esus, also known as Zeus, also known as Hesus, also known as Yashua, also known as Jesus at 6CE, the time of the Roman Census.

Similarly, the Jewish Talmudic Calendar begins with the foundation events of their faith, rather than any great astrological time/position event.

In contrast, the Ucadian Time and Space System is based on the unique precession of the equinoxes over a roughly 26,000 solar year period, known to the ancients and the base true time calendar of the planet and the solar system in reference to Earth.

This calendar resets on the equivalent Roman Day of December 21st 2012. The end of the great precession and the beginning anew, hence the first year.

Therefore, the Ucadia Time and Space System may legitimally claim to the oldest time and space system as well as the highest and most superior past, present and future time system because of its inherit existence as the natural cycles of the Earth and Solar System, because it was known by the earliest and most proficient astronomers and because it represents the one true calendar of time, seasons and cycles.

UCADIA Time as Official Time System of all UCADIA Free Societies

By Article 33 of the Covenant of One Heaven Pactum De Singularis Caelum The UCADIA Time System shall be the official Time System of all Ucadia Free Societies by which all official instruments are recognized.

Structure of UCADIA Time System

The UCADIA Time System is essentially divided into eight (8) parts:

UCADIA Time Element Old Time UCADIA Time
Sun Year
Sun Arc
Sun Season
Moon Cycle
Day and Name