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One Heaven Society of United Free States of Spirits (Corporate Member No. [999999-999999-999999]), also known as the Society of One Heaven, also known as The One Heaven Society is a free association of all men, women and higher order spirits, living and deceased who have come together and incorporated under the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven, also known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum.

Services of One Heaven

By its most sacred Covenant, the Society of One Heaven provides three (3) groups of Services:

Spiritual Services
Sovereign Services
Temporal Services

Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services include a full range of Divine Remedy as listed in the most sacred Covenant of the Society.

Sovereign Services

Sovereign Services include Sovereign Recognition upon the Act of Redemption, Recognition and registration of Corporate Members, Supreme Credit Issue and Divine Notices.

Temporal Services

Temporal Services include communication and electronic services and other functions for members.

Members only

All Services are for the private use and benefit of Members only.

The Members who may legally use the Services of The Society are all those Members having been pre-assigned a valid Member No. from:


As by the most sacred Divine Notice Pactum De Singularis Caelum, also known as the Covenant of One Heaven and the Notice of Divine Agreement and Understanding of the New Covenant, those Spirit Members have now been issued their valid Member numbers as listed above. However, the Society reserves the right to restrict certain services to living Members until they undertake the Act of Redemption and redeem their pre-assigned membership number.

One Heaven Society as the 1st Society above all other Societies

As a Society, One Heaven is separate from all other Societies to some degree. Therefore, it automatically must by definition be recognized as a valid international society.

However, the Society of One Heaven is further able to demonstrate by the most fundamental principles of law that there is no Society higher, wo which it belongs. Instead, the Society of One Heaven is spiritually, logically and legally the highest possible Society of all Societies. Therefore, the laws of the Society of One Heaven ipso facto (as a matter of fact of law) are the highest of all Law of all Societies.

One Heaven Society and other Ucadian Societies

Most men and women believe (or used to believe) in the existence of some kind of afterlife. The most common term used to describe this afterlife is "Heaven".

Similarly, the majority of people alive today also believe in the existence of some kind of "hell" in the afterlife where people who have done evil in life are somehow punished.

If you are someone who was brought up in one of the Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) then your faith teaches you that Hell wasn't always there- it began out of a war.

We are told that at the beginning of time, before humans ever existed there was a war in heaven and it is because of this war that hell was created.

Ever since, whether we realize it or not, we have been captive, we have been affected by this war. For if you believe that Hell exists, then you believe that war still rages in Heaven.

So it is that even when peace has reigned briefly on Earth, if but for a day, there has never been peace in Heaven since the beginning of time. A war between angels and demons, a war between saints and sinners between cloaked devotees of darkness and genuine light bringers.

Our world has suffered and souls have been cursed.

And yet a promise has always been there, that one day there war would come to an end.

This day has arrived.

The United States of Spirits

The Constitution of the United States of Spirits, of One Heaven is the fulfillment of that dream and promised- that one day humanity will be united, that the war between heaven and hell, between heaven and earth shall finally be over.

It is the fulfillment of a journey that began with the earliest and greatest of human minds, the great ancient prophets and sages of ancient empires. The Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Chinese, the Mayan, the Hopi, the Indus, the Hindu and the many more cultures that have existed and continue to exist.

The dream is that one day, when we all die we might be in Heaven and that one day, we might witness the uniting of all human minds, the forgiving of our sins and the ending of the most ancient of curses.

The dream is now fulfilled through the The official Covenant of One Heaven