image Officials-Patron representative: The great and holy spirits


The official and supreme eternal representatives of the Official Patron of One-Heaven are the Great and Holy Spirits.

By Article 6 of the Covenant, the unique entities have agreed to join in union under the articles of the Covenant of One-Heaven to be the supreme spiritual guides between the absolute and humanity for the benefit of all human souls.

The names of the Great and Holy Spirits

In respect to the historical traditions and cultures of Humanity, there stands human beings who are bestowed the title and blessings of being known as a Great and/or Holy Spirit. In some traditions, some of these human beings have even been given the powers of a Godhead, either in their own right, or as the member of a divine family.

While these individuals are recognized as having less authority and absolute power than the absolute one, Allah, God almighty, YHWH and the Universe, they are believed by loyal followers to possess unique and supreme powers and authority above all other human beings.

Endorsement of One-Heaven by Great and Holy Spirits

By article 6 of the holy Covenant of One-Heaven, the greatest of these Spirits have agreed to unite for the sake of humanity as one, to ensure the validity and sanctity of One-Heaven and the future of all living and departed human souls.

Therefore, by this same article, no other religion may claim legitimate authority as representative of a Great and/or Holy Spirit unless it complies to the Covenant of One-Heaven.

One-Heaven as official resident of the Great and Holy Spirits

By article 6 of the holy Covenant of One Heaven,the Great and Holy Spirits of humanity further endorse One-Heaven in making One Heaven their official residence in respect to the collective spirits of humanity.

From this point on, any other claims of official residency of the Great and Holy Spirits in name other than One Heaven shall be applicable only to historical belief and tradition. From this point on, the Official residence of the Great and Holy Spirits of heaven shall be One Heaven itself.