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Is there life after death? This question has fixated philosophers, mystics, gurus and most of us during our lives. The question of life after death usually comes around death or news of our possible doom. When life is hectic (as for most of us means all the time), the question is death is rarely considered.

What this means is that the question of life after death is usually not considered until someone close to us dies, we witness death or we are about to die.

Signs and false hopes

The field of information about life after death is littered with hoaxes, signs and visions, religious traditions and false hopes. To date, there is no scientific proof in an existence beyond what we sense and see in front of us. The existence of a heaven or a hell has not been proven.

This does not stop most of use from believing that it is somehow true. That there is some place called heaven (or hell) and that when we die, our soul, our essence somehow lives on.

In contrast, nihilists consider such thinking to be the antiquated cultural traditions that have no scientific basis of truth. No evidence, no proof.

Of course, the same used to be said regarding the existence of heaven until the constitution of One Heaven.

The historical search for the soul

Parallel to the religious writings describing the existence and methods to align to the soul and the existence of an afterlife has been the quest to find physical evidence and precise location for the soul.

Over many centuries, scholars and philosophers have each laid claim to finding the location and physical evidence of soul, but each time the claim proven to be misguided.

The soul has variously been described as being housed in the heart, in the head, between the eyes, in the stomach, behind us, above us and so on.

No physical evidence yet established for the existence of physical soul

To date, human science can find no physical evidence to suggest a bodily function that represents the object spiritually known as the soul, nor a specific location for such as source.

While this does not discount that there are some objects and/or information sources secreted in the body in some manner that we are yet to fully understand, there is nothing considering the knowledge of UCA to suggest the existence of a soul as currently conceived and described by contemporary christian and ancient soul based religions.

The central challenge- how does something physical become ethereal?

If we boil down the central tenet of the christian churches and the central challenge yet to be answered via the model of the soul and travelling of mind beyond the death of the physical body is the question- how does something physical become ethereal?

This is not as simple a question as it might sound. For it comes with a set of implications:

(1) For something physical to become ethereal, it must change from being to not being in the measurable world. If it exists, then there we can either measure it directly or indirectly.

(2) For something physical to become ethereal, those atoms, those unita that make its existence must cease to be, in direct contradiction to the laws of conservation and perpetual motion.

In other words to claim something goes on, but in another form is to imply a direct contradiction of everything we have spoken of to date.

What if mind is never physical in the first place?

Here’s a simple question to ask that might provide the answer- what if the mind, that collection of self-cognitive and aware thoughts that makes up a sentient being is never physical in the first place?

In other words, is self cognition a recognition of higher awareness and therefore a link between ethereal (awareness) and corpus (physical machinery of mind)?

To date, no one has been able to locate the seat of self consciousness, the seat of original though- I think therefore I am- We can observe the act of thinking- the whirr of the machinery, but not the thought itself. It is like the ghost in the machine.

If human self-awareness was never physical in the first place, then the continuation of human mind after the cessation of the physical body and machinery would make perfect sense- because it was never physical in the first place.

This is the only answer of life after death- that human mind is and was never physical in the first place.

That raises an interesting point- if we are already ethereal beings, then why do we not travel to any point, to any place we choose? why can we not astral travel at will?

Firstly is recognition- if you do not recognise your thoughts have no location- are pure awareness, of the same pure substance that creates everything physical that you see, then you cannot reach that point of self understanding. That self is an illusion created by something ethereal- our own forced limitations on something that ultimately has no limitations.

Second is belief- we believe the functioning of the physical apparatus is the determination of our level and existence of awareness. Certainly it is an input into the experience of mind, but it is not sustained. Once created, something can never be uncreated. belief that once self awareness is created it is beholden to the machinery of mind is a belief that restricts our view and belief in the power of human awareness to view wider pools of awareness.

If you believe mind is the sole determination of human awareness, then the concept of learning and experience if limited to knowing first. If you don’t know, then how can you know, or in other words, you only know what you know.

In contrast, Unique Collective Awareness (UCA) says you already know and are, but haven’t yet awoken to this potentiality of idea.

Third is habit- if your mind remains dependent on what it sees and feels as a living human, if it seeks outward signs from this life then it remains in habit to experience life just through the senses of being human.

Being human is wonderful and powerful. Yet it is not the only source of sensation and input. The blind will tell you that access to knowing can come from more than just sight- but inner sight.

If habits remain fixed on just seeking human sensory view, then mind cannot free itself to wider view.

Fourth is frame of belief references- our awareness of beliefs and ideas limits our awareness of further beliefs and ideas. The concept that mind is never physical widens that view and opens further possibilities enabling further discoveries.

If you believe that the mind is somehow trapped to being with the body until death, then it is. If you believe you cannot see beyond what your senses tell you then that is what will happen. If you believe you can’t then you can’t.

In contrast, if you believe you can, then you can. There is no hidden force holding the mind to the body other than our belief systems and our reliance and habit of dependency on senses as human.

Finally, it is the question of practice. Meditation provides a means of breaking habit and letting your mind be free. Freedom in quieting the mind and the acceptance of sensory input from the body frees the mind to view other means of view and experience.

UCADIA supporting science on no proof

The UCADIAN model supports science in stating that there is no proof and no provable way of showing that an afterlife exists.

This is consistent with the understanding that the tradition of life after death is taught around the soul (something ethereal/real) leaving the physical body (real) to some place (ethereal).

In the laws of the dream, awareness in motion is real and awareness that is not in motion is unreal. There can be no possible way of something unreal becoming real and then unreal again. This would require a cross-over of the dream boundary and defy the UCADIAN laws of creation and existence.

The mind is already immortal

Instead, the UCADIAN model states that the human mind is already immortal as it is pure awareness in motion. It is not connected to object, except when physically alive. The traditional “soul” model is incorrect.

The appearance of being alive, of being in your body is in fact an illusion maintained by the physical apparatus of the brain and the source of awareness originating from the human form. This "connection" to ones body can sometimes be disconnected during severe stress and anxiety or elation.

The “sol-code” as an inheritance of mind through DNA

The earliest human cultures believed that humans do have a gift, or a soul as something accidentally given during the process of our genetic engineering– the reconnection of a mind code lost to our alien makers. The mind of a greater awareness than theirs– the awareness of UCA– unique collective awareness and connection to the universe.

While no work has been done to detect “spiritual related” DNA tubulin dimer protein code, one day we may actually see the code that enables us divine connection to the universe.

Under the Ucadian Model, this is called the SOL Code and a connection to divine information stored within the DNA in every single human being

Because our minds are immortal we will never die

Because the entire universe is mind in motion, nothing is forgotten or lost. Because the human mind is already immortal, we can never die. The question of an afterlife is entirely one of mind and collective. Humans like to be together. Our hell or heaven is of our own making.