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Through the official representative organisation of the Official Patron on Earth being One Spirit Tribe, the members shall be given the authority by the Official Patron through the constitution of One Heaven and One Spirit Tribe to elect a living representative who shall be the one true official representative of the Official Patron on Earth. This official office shall be known as the Maitreya and the person elected to this position shall be known as "the Maitreya".

The Maitreya

By article 55 of the constitution of One-Spirit-Tribe, the supreme earthly representative of the Universal Spirit and the great spirits shall be The Maitreya, the one true compassionate one who shall be elected every ten years by the faithful members of One-Spirit-Tribe.

The Maitreya shall be the most holy, the most worthy servant of the Universal spirit and the office of The Maitreya shall stand forever as testimony to the great love and forgiveness of the Universal Spirit in placing its trust and authority to elect his Earthly representative in the very hands of each and every member of One-Spirit-Tribe.

No false prophet, no false guru, no speaker of lies, no imam of blood and wickedness shall prevail in the blinding light of such compassion and truth. All shall bow down either on this Earth or at the gates of One-Heaven in allegiance to the will and word of the Universal spirit.

Never again shall a person be permitted to claim the authority of The Maitreyas, saints or Gods without being duly certified and elected by the faithful. All those who live as vermin shall die away like weeds and only truth shall thrive.