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The belief that one day the world as we know it will end, is not a particularly new concept, nor unique to one religion.

However, for believers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, it carries a particularly special significance. For the faithful of these particular religions are taught to believe that not only will a day come that is the end of the world, but that day will be because of God and that it will include a great judgment over all the souls of humanity that have ever lived- hence judgment day.

The end of the world and judgment day

There are many words now used to describe essentially the same basic belief structure associated with the end of the world and judgment day including but not limited to: “Last Judgment”, “End of Days”, “Armageddon”, “the Apocalypse”, “The Day of Atonement”.

The key features of this event across Judaism, Islam and Christianity are:

• That the End of the World will be precipitated deliberately and consciously by God. That God will deliberately act to kill all life on Earth;

• That this event will represent the extinction of the human race forever;

• That because of our lack of faith and adherence to the “true” word of God, this event is our fault, not God, even though he will murder us all;

• This event will be heralded by “signs” pointing to the end of days, at which time only those who fully pledge allegiance and faithfulness to the “true” word of God and a particular sect will be “saved”; Everyone else shall be doomed;

• Not even the dead will be spared, for at this time, even our ancestors will be judged with those who led good lives being confirmed for heaven while those who were not good members of the sect, condemned to hell.

Of course, there are significant variations on this theme. Rabbinical Judaism now preaches that the End of Days is not technically the end of the world, but the beginning of a new world. In contrast, Christian doctrine is quite specific that the event represents the return of the Messiah and the magical re-constitution of our physical bodies as well as the physical ability to feel pleasure and pain again.

In other words, a fundamental belief of all Christians is that while God will kill us all, he will also return all his faithful to physical form through a suspension of all the known laws of the universe and bring us all back to life.

The important connection of Judgment Day and Hell

A vitally important connection exists between the concepts of End of Days, Judgment Day, Hell as well as Hell on Earth.

The Christian Church was the first to recognize the power of applying these concepts as a package to convince absolute loyalty and temporal power. The worse things are on Earth, the better it has always been for the Christian Church, an organization not established by Jesus, nor any of his disciplines, but by Paul of Tarsus and the very High Priests that crucified him and murdered his family- the House of Ananus.

These arch-satanists and their devoted elite followers recognized the literal power of death and pain to convince in a perverted message that only those devoted to Christianity could be saved from eternal pain like what was being witnessed.

Therefore, the goal of deliberately manufacturing the end of the world became a primary marketing objective of the Christian church after witnessing the effect of the riots in Judea during the 1st and 2nd Centuries CE.

The “fourth” end of the world

Contrary to the modern statements by the Catholic Church and the Pope that we eagerly wait the End of the World for the first time, the Catholic Church has successfully accomplished feat on a sufficiently grand scale to constitute four previous “ends of the world”.

The 1st end of the world- 540-580 CE

The first End of the World took 200 years of systematic destruction of all ancient knowledge, skill, medicine, education, public sanitation, law and order, and social cohesion beginning with the reign of Constantine around 320 CE and reaching full swing under Emperor Theodosius at the end of the 4th Century.

The end result was that by 540 CE under the reign of Justinian, the Christian Church succeeded in the murder by disease of over half of the human race and the perpetual enslavement of those poor souls who survived for the next eight hundred years.

Plague after plague swept across a world destroyed stone by stone, document by document by the Christians. This was the first end of the world with over one hundred million deaths.

The 2nd end of the world – the 17th Century rise of “Puritanism”

Unfortunately for the Catholic Church, several centuries of good weather combined with growing wealth and education of noble families had bred a class of people no longer content with the backward mindset of the church. Instead, these people sought ways to rebel, to promote both cultural and social reform.

The winding back of the clock was one of the most audacious plans since the destruction of all ancient society more than eleven hundred years earlier. It called for war, endless war, the introduction of new superstitions dividing families and communities such as witchcraft.

It called for the populations of uneducated, the slaves of the church to become suspicious of those educated and gifted in the community that might otherwise have re-emerged as doctors, as nurses as professionals.

By the 1660’s after millions had died through church wars, endless witch trials and Inquisitions, the church had largely succeeded across Europe and great plagues once again raged through the slums of poorly maintained and ignorant cities and towns.

By the end of the 17th century, over 50,000,000 to 60,000,000 people had been needlessly murdered through the deliberate destruction of basic social care by the church resulting in disease and plague. This was the second great end of the world and ensured church power continued strongly until the end of the 18th Century.

The 3rd End of the world 1914-1918, then 1939-1945

At the end of the 19th Century, European philosophers proudly pronounced “God was dead”. The tail end of the industrial revolution and the emergence of socialist thinking had started to reform the slave conditions of workers improving living conditions.

With improved living conditions, the power of the Catholic Church was once again under threat as never before since it was first formed by Paul of Tarsus and the other murderers of the apostles and the family of Jesus. Something had to be done.

The answer was “world war”, of such ferocity that it would push Europe and the rest of the world back hundreds of years to feudal societies controlled by warring dictators and end the dangerous notion of democracy.

In two world wars that still show all the unmistakable signs and actions of having been precipitated from Rome a total of one hundred million people lost their lives equally the record of the 1st end of the world over fourteen hundred years earlier.

The 4th End of the world-

Planet Earth has come close several times since the 3rd End of the world to Armageddon. Not for lack of trying, but because a few good men, with courage of steel decided against all that they were being told.

The first attempt was under President Eisenhower in January/February 1953 when Eisenhower was first installed as President and Stalin had only a couple of months to live.

The plan failed and neither the Soviet Union, nor the United States listened to the Vatican pleas and launched nuclear war.

The second attempt was under President Kennedy in 1961 when the Vatican persuaded Cuba to house nuclear missile installations and at the same time encouraged loyal staff and generals under the Kennedy Administration to launch a “first strike” against the Soviet Union.

Kennedy called the bluff of the Church and called the Kremlin direct to discover that Nikita Khrushchev had absolutely no idea of what had been going on. To this day, the Vatican still claims they were only trying to “help” ease the crisis, rather than start Word War III.

The third attempt to launch World War III was under Reagan during 1984 when the Church through its loyal Reagan administration people tried to convince Reagan that the Korean Airlines incident the year before was a pre-emption to all out war and that Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov was planning an all out war.

Although not as effective as the previous two attempts, some people who were in positions to know believe that during this period, the world came within minutes of World War III for the third clear time.

When will be the 4th End of the World?

It is hard to know when the next attempt to end the world will be staged, by what technique, or when.

What is clear is that so long as the Vatican remains a powerful force it is inevitable this will be attempted directly, or through some other means such as extremist Islam.

God has no intention of killing us, only evil living people want to kill us

Contrary to religious doctrines that claim God will one day want to kill us all, there is absolutely no proof that such twisted and horrendous lies have any basis other than to control, to frighten and to enslave.

Instead, there is abundant proof that such “doctrines” serve only one purpose and one purpose only- to keep the church in power.

One Heaven and Judgment Day

The advent of One Heaven, the United States of Spirits is to make it clear along with the Ucadian Model that there is no intention by the universe, nor the earth to encourage our demise.

On the contrary, it is time to expose the lies of these doctrines and to end them once and for all. The 4th End of the world is therefore the end of the doctrine of lies, the church of lies, the beliefs of self hate and hate.

The End of the world has therefore come. A new day has dawned.