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The etymology of “corporation” is derived from the two (2) 16th Century Latin words: "corpus" which means "(dead) body"; and: "ater/atio" which means "funeral rights, dark, gloomy or dismal" ; Therefore "corporation" means literally “an association of one or more performing the funeral rights associated with the burial rituals of dead corpses”.

From 18th Century English corporation meaning "INCORPORATED COMPANY for doing business". Unlike a CORPORATE or a COMPANY, the invention of the legal fiction known as a CORPORATION permitted a body to use the pre-existing CHARTER of a superior COMPANY to register as a subsidiary--effectively eliminating the need for a new and unique CHARTER to be drawn for each and every new body. In addition, Corporations were permitted to register their own subsidiaries, creating potentially long chains of bodies all belonging to superior entities until the final entity holding a valid CHARTER. Today, over 99% of CORPORATES and COMPANIES are actually subsidiary Corporations of subsidiary Corporations themselves having no original CHARTER, but holding legal rights by virtue of being a REGISTERED SUBSIDIARY of a body ultimately holding a valid recognized CHARTER.