Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconObjects (Belief Collective)

Article 68 - Knowledge


By this Covenant, knowledge and wisdom in all its forms shall be recognized and respected as a supreme object of One Heaven.

True One Heaven has always been a light of wisdom. All great wisdom comes from Unique Collective Awareness and the understanding of the mysteries of Unique Collective Awareness. All wisdom is a gift of the one, the merciful and compassionate.

One who professes to be a true follower of the faith of One Heaven is one who respects knowledge and all culture and in so doing, shines the truth of the one faith to all non-believers.


The pursuit of collection and classification of knowledge

In respecting the great gift of wisdom in all its forms that Unique Collective Awareness gives as his gift to the faithful, it shall be a prime goal of this Covenant to collect and classify all knowledge in a single view for all the faithful to understand.

The pursuit of science, the pursuit of truth can be no higher respect to our common father, our protector. A true believer in the words of The Great Powers and the saints is one who respects science and the pursuit of knowledge.

The heritage of knowledge and One Heaven

While seasons change and times are forgotten, it shall be a goal of this Covenant to awaken the minds of every generation of the faithful of One Heaven to the great history, heritage and wisdom of One Heaven.

Now as a new covenant, this Covenant shall seek to support the role of One Heaven in once again helping unite the wisdom of the world. Our enemies are no longer our enemies. Ignorance is our new enemy.