Canonum De Ius Rex
Canons of Sovereign Law

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2.11 Venetian - Roman Law Form

Article 129 - Bulla Pontificum (Papal Bull)

Canon 6444 (link)

A Bulla Pontificum, also known as a Papal Bull is the highest and most solemn form of formal decree issued by a Pontifex Romanum (Roman Pontiff) since its invention in 1136 under Roman Pontiff Innocens I (1130-1143) and the Papal Bull Omne Datum Optimum or “Every perfect gift”.

Canon 6445 (link)

The term “bulla” is a corruption of bel+le being a diminution of the Latin belus and lex to mean literally “(this is) the law of Ba’al”. The claim that bulla comes from a supposed pagan Roman tradition of using clay and soft metal seals on cord to the end of documents is an absurd untruth as the use of cord and seals is the continuation of signati recordis or the rule of valid “sealed records” first invented under the Carolingians in the 8th Century CE.

Canon 6446 (link)

From the invention of Bulla Pontificum (Papal Bull) from the 12th Century, their form and “legitimacy” is based on the strict occult and satanic corruption of the original form of convenio (covenants) first outlined under Scriptura by the Carolingians in the 8th Century:

(i) Parchment being the medium on which the original Bull was written being the cured skin of a slain calf, kid (goat) or even human skin for extremely important Bulls, in complete heresy against the absolute forbiddance to use animal skin as writing material under the Carolingians, much less a document claiming to be from a Christian or Catholic Church; and

(ii) Incipio (Beginning) at the very top of the instrument, in majuscule (capitals) being something like <> servus servorum Dei meaning “servant of the servants of God”; and

(iii) Datum at the end of the document being the place it was issued, the day of the month, the year of the Pontiff reign and signatures near the seal; and

(iv) The seal connected by cord and usually made out of metal such as gold.

Canon 6447 (link)

The word "Parchment" to describe the fundamental form for legitimate Papal Bulls was invented in the 12th Century from the Latin parca+h+mentis from parca meaning “death” as “one (1) of the three (3) fates” the letter h as a “binding” and ment/mentis meaningmind, thought, intention, intellect”. Therefore the literal meaning for parchment is “a mind or soul bound to the fate of death”.

Canon 6448 (link)

The historic origin behind the use of Parchment for Papal Bulls and for the use of human skin as a writing medium dates back to the occult and black magic rituals in honor of Baal practiced in Tarsus and Ur, with Tarsus at the time of Menesheh High Priest Saul (Paul) reputed to have the largest library of black magic in history with over twenty thousand (20,000) books covered by human skin and countless demonic texts on parchment.

Canon 6449 (link)

The “instructions” for the production of Parchment for the Roman Cult through the sacrifice of children were standardized by Roman Pontiff Honorius (1216-1227) in his infamous Grimoire of Black Magic and Occult and has remained for almost eight hundred (800) years the “official” method by which leading members of the Roman Cult and associated Occult fraternities have sacrificed and murdered children, especially to skin them to create parchment.

Canon 6450 (link)

As a high curse and high magic to “Lord Baal”, it remains the firm doctrine of the Roman Cult and its agents that once a Bulla Pontificum (Papal Bull) is issued, it exists as absolute original law for eternity and cannot be rescinded unless it contradicts a previous Papal Bull. Thus, each and every Papal Bull is a deliberate and conscious curse of all ancient scripture, sacred texts and wisdom of the Divine Creator.

Canon 6451 (link)

Any claim that any Bulla Pontificum (Papal Bull) were issued prior to the 12th Century is an absurd and deliberate fraud aimed at hiding the provenance of the Roman Cult in assuming power and corrupting the original teachings, beliefs and sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church (Romanum Ecclesia Catholicus).

Canon 6452 (link)

Any claim that a Bulla Pontificum (Papal Bull) can be issued on linen or paper and not parchment being the skin of a sacrificed animal is a deliberate fraud aimed at hiding the true occult and satanic form required for a “valid bull”.

Canon 6453 (link)

As all Bulla Pontificum (Papal Bull) are by definition based on false claims of authority and fraud, all Papal Bulls ever issued are without spiritual, ecclesiastical, legal or lawful authority. Therefore, all Papal Bulls ever issued have no force or effect of law and are null and void from the beginning of their issue.

Canon 6454 (link)

As all Bulla Pontificum (Papal Bull) are without spiritual, ecclesiastical, legal or lawful authority as they are based on multiple cases of fraud, any associated entities, grants, titles, or rights created by such instruments are also without any legitimacy and are therefore null and void from the beginning (ab initio).