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VII. Law
  7.14 Corruption of Law  
  Article 324-Mortmanes  
  Canon 3341  
  Mortmanes, incorrectly listed in corrupted history books as "mortmain", is the legal fiction created in the 16th Century under the reign of King Henry VIII of England and his Venetian/Magyar advisers that the body corporate or "person" of a testamentary trust could be considered the same as a living person and therefore possess certain rights and privileges. The concept of "Mortmanes" is the foundation of the modern company/corporation.  
  Canon 3342  
  Mortmanes is formed from two ancient Latin words mortis meaning "death, corpse" and manes meaning "ghosts, shades of the dead, the lower word, bodily remains". Hence mortmanes or "mortmain" literally means "dead ghost or personality of the dead".  
  Canon 3343  
  In around 1538/40 King Henry VIII and his Venetian/Magyar advisers introduced the concept of "Cestui Que Vie" trusts being temporary testamentary trusts formed on the life of another for the benefit of another. Combined with the concept of "mortmanes", after seven (7) years when the living man or woman could be legally declared "dead", the trust corpus or "dead person" could continue as the beneficiary. This concept has been essential for the structure of Roman corporations.  
  Canon 3344  
  The reason that certain Roman corporations possessing legal personality can technically "live" forever and "never" die is because under the corruption of mortmanes, the corporate person is already "dead".  
  Canon 3345  
  As Mortmanes and its use is a deliberate corruption of all forms of law, philosophy of law and application of law, it is reprobate, forbidden and never permitted to be revived.  
  Canon 3346  
  Given Mortmanes and its use is reprobate, forbidden and never permitted to be revived, all Roman corporations are forbidden to continue in their present structure and must redeem themselves by the Day of Divine Redemption in accordance with the sacred covenant Pactum De Singularis Caelum.  

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