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I. Introductory Provisions  
  1.1 Introductory Provisions  
    Article 1-Canons of Positive Law
Article 2-Positive Law
  1.2 Concepts  
    Article 3-Equality
Article 4-Fairness
Article 5-Uniqueness
Article 6-Dependency
Article 7-Meaning
Article 8-Knosis
Article 9-Belief
Article 10-Trust
Article 11-Reality
Article 12-Normality
Article 13-Morality
Article 14-Proof
Article 15-Truth
II. Form  
  2.1 Form  
    Article 16-Form
Article 17-Person
Article 18-Animal
Article 19-Notion
Article 20-Thing
Article 21-Word
Article 22-Document
Article 23-Land
Article 24-Sea
Article 25-Building
Article 26-Good
Article 27-Location
Article 28-Divine Person
Article 29-True Person
Article 30-Superior Person
Article 31-Inferior Person
Article 32-Supreme Juridic Person
Article 33-Universal Juridic Person
Article 34-Global Juridic Person
Article 35-Civil Juridic Person
Article 36-Mercantile Juridic Person
Article 37-Union Juridic Person
Article 38-Inferior Juridic Person
Article 39-Time
Article 40-Machine
Article 41-Register
Article 42-Record
Article 43-Value
Article 44-Asset
Article 45-Debt
Article 46-Account
Article 47-Income
Article 48-Liability
Article 49-Currency
  2.2 Form Creation and Change  
    Article 50-Action
Article 51-Ritual
Article 52-Custom
Article 53-Adjudication
Article 54-Promulgation
Article 55-Registration
Article 56-Extraction
Article 57-Abstraction
Article 58-Transaction
Article 59-Conveyance
  2.3 Form Abrogation and Corruption  
    Article 60-Abrogation
Article 61-Corruption
Article 62-Fraud
Article 63-Forgery
Article 64-Reprobate
Article 65-Suppression
Article 66-Malediction
Article 67-Nullify
Article 68-Voidance
III. Rights  
  3.1 Rights  
    Article 69-Rights
Article 70-Claims
Article 71-Title
Article 72-Succession
Article 73-Occupation
Article 74-Possession
Article 75-Heir
Article 76-Use
Article 77-Owner
Article 78-Holder
Article 79-Realty
Article 80-Property
Article 81-Fealty
Article 82-Beneficiary
Article 83-Tenancy
  3.2 Rights Administration  
    Article 84-Trust
Article 85-Divine Trust
Article 86-True Trust
Article 87-Superior Trust
Article 88-Inferior Trust
Article 89-Supreme Trust
Article 90-Universal Trust
Article 91-Global Trust
Article 92-Civil Trust
Article 93-Mercantile Trust
Article 94-Union Trust
Article 95-Clann Trust
Article 96-Official Trust
Article 97-Location Trust
Article 98-Temporary Trust
Article 99-Estate
  3.3 Rights Suspension and Corruption  
    Article 100-Cestui Que Vie Trust
Article 101-Mortgage
Article 102-Bond
Article 103-Lien
Article 104-Easement
Article 105-Estoppel
Article 106-Date
Article 107-Taxes
Article 108-Foreclosure
IV. Consensus  
  4.1 Consensus  
    Article 109-Consent
Article 110-Consensus
Article 111-Unilateral Consensus
Article 112-Bilateral Consensus
Article 113-Trilateral Consensus
  4.2 Consensus Consideration  
    Article 114-Consideration
Article 115-Question
Article 116-Claim
Article 117-Charge
Article 118-Offer
Article 119-Bid
Article 120-Gift
Article 121-Grant
Article 122-Conveyance
Article 123-Necessity
  4.3 Consensus Obligation  
    Article 124-Obligation
Article 125-Oath
Article 126-Vow
Article 127-Promise
Article 128-Surety
Article 129-Performance
Article 130-Remedy
  4.4 Consensus Instrument  
    Article 131-Instrument
Article 132-Witness
Article 133-Seal
Article 134-Sign
Article 135-Notary
Article 136-Acknowledgment
  4.3 Consensus Dispute and Extinction  
    Article 137-Duress
Article 138-Perfidy
Article 139-Default
Article 140-Alteration
Article 141-Deviation
Article 142-Mistake
Article 143-Frustration
Article 144-Impossibility
Article 145-Impracticability
Article 146-Unconscionability
Article 147-Misrepresentation
Article 148-Concealment
Article 149-Extinction
V. Occurrence  
  5.1 Occurrence  
    Article 150–Occurrence
Article 151–Instance
Article 152–Drama
Article 153–Scene
Article 154–Dramatis personae
Article 155–Party
Article 156–Spectator
Article 157–Actor
Article 158–Protagonist
Article 159–Antagonist
Article 160–Deuteragonist
Article 161–Plot
Article 162–Motive
  5.2 Fact  
    Article 163–Fact
Article 164–Methodology
Article 165–Source
Article 166-Reference
Article 167–Verification
  5.3 Evidence  
    Article 168–Evidence
Article 169–Physical
Article 170–Testimonial
Article 171–Inferential
Article 172–Disclosure
Article 173–Admission
VI. Argument  
  6.1 Argument  
    Article 174–Argument
Article 175-Cause
Article 176-Interpretation
Article 177–Proposition
Article 178–Conclusion
Article 179–System
Article 180–Validity
Article 181-Maxim
Article 182-Status
Article 183-Competency
  6.2 Logic  
    Article 184–Logic
Article 185–Inference
Article 186–Logical Form
Article 187–Deductive Logic
Article 188–Inductive Logic
Article 189–Fallacy
  6.3 Dialectic  
    Article 190–Dialectic
Article 191–Result
Article 192–Dialectic Form
Article 193–Passive Dialectic
Article 194–Active Dialectic
Article 195–Absurdity
  6.4 Rhetoric  
    Article 196–Rhetoric
Article 197–Persuasion
Article 198–Monologue
Article 199–Dialogue
Article 200–Prologue
Article 201–Epilogue
Article 202–Catalogue
Article 203–Analogue
Article 204–Ideologue
Article 205–Kudos
Article 206–Ethos
Article 207–Pathos
Article 208–Logos
Article 209–Tempos
Article 210–Dynamos
Article 211-Contradiction
VII. Law  
  7.1 Virtue of Law  
    Article 212-Respect
Article 213-Honesty
Article 214-Courage
Article 215-Compassion
Article 216-Impartiality
Article 217-Knowledge
Article 218-Wisdom
  7.2 Principles of Law  
    Article 219-Justice
Article 220-Freedom
Article 221-Rights
Article 222-Privileges
Article 223-Slavery
Article 224-Equity
Article 225-Culpability
Article 226-Mens Rea
Article 227-Actus Reus
Article 228-Innocence
Article 229-Counsel
Article 230-Pro Se
Article 231-Res Accusiatio
Article 232-Res Judicata
Article 233-Ius Propere
Article 234-Meritus Formulae
Article 235-Meritus Proscriptum
Article 236-Demurrer
Article 237-Allocution
  7.3 Systems of Law  
    Article 238-Systems of Law
Article 239-Atl Law
Article 240-Ari Law
Article 241-Mui Law
Article 242-Cuili Law
Article 243-Mandian Law
Article 244-Sumerian Law
Article 245-Babylonian Law
Article 246-Hyksos Law
Article 247-Vedic Law
Article 248-Persian Law
Article 249-Tará Law
Article 250-Hellenic Law
Article 251-Roman Law
Article 252-Holly Roman Law
Article 253-Talmudic Law
Article 254-Sufi Law
Article 255-Khazarian Law
Article 256-Anglo-Saxon Law
Article 257-Civil Law
Article 258-Feudal Law
Article 259-Common Law
Article 260-International Law
Article 261-Ucadian Law
  7.4 Authority of Law  
    Article 262-Authority
Article 263–Dominium
Article 264–Visium
Article 265–Magisterium
Article 266–Imperium
Article 267–Officium
Article 268–Custoditum
  7.5 Potentiality of Law  
    Article 269-Potentiality
Article 270–Executor
Article 271–Censor
Article 272–Rector
Article 273–Curator
Article 274–Administrator
Article 275–Custodian
  7.6 Creation of Law  
    Article 276-Creation
Article 277-Decree
Article 278-Prescript
Article 279-Rescript
Article 280-Policy
Article 281-Statute
Article 282-Ordinance
  7.7 Jurisdiction of Law  
    Article 283-Jurisdiction
Article 284-Personal Jurisdiction
Article 285-Territorial Jurisdiction
Article 286-Subject-Matter Jurisdiction
Article 287-Guilty
Article 288-Plea
  7.8 Force of Law  
    Article 289-Force
Article 290-Warrant
Article 291-Arrest
Article 292-Detention
Article 293-Coercion
  7.9 Controversy of Law  
    Article 294-Controversy
Article 295-Civil
Article 296-Criminal
Article 297-Instructional
  7.10 Forums of Law  
    Article 298-Forum
Article 299-Roman Court
Article 300-Ucadian Court
  7.11 Execution of Law  
    Article 301-Execution
Article 302-Judge
Article 303-Suit
Article 304-Accusator
Article 305-Arraignment
Article 306-Summons
Article 307-Hearing
Article 308-Jury
Article 309-Trial
Article 310-Verdict
Article 311-Sentence
  7.12 Defense of Law  
    Article 312-Defense
Article 313-Presentation
Article 314-Attendance
Article 315-Visitation
  7.13 Restitution of Law  
    Article 316-Restitution
Article 317-Remedy
Article 318-Punishment
Article 319-Absolution
Article 320-Penitence
Article 321-Appeal
Article 322-Pardon
  7.14 Corruption of Law  
    Article 323-Legal Realism
Article 324-Mortmanes
Article 325-Settlement (Birth) Certificate
Article 326-Guardians (Board) Council
Article 327-Sanity
Article 328-Enemy of State
Article 329-Prisoner of State
Article 330-License
Article 331-Maritime Law
Article 332-Private Bar Guilds
Article 333-Privileged International Government

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