As it is written, it is believed by many that a time will come --known by various names such as "The Apocalypse", "Revelations", "The End of Days"--when the world as we know it will end.  
  While almost all major religious faiths believe in the truth that this time will come and that a new age will arise following the "End of the World", only a handful of misguided individuals truly believe the "End of Days" represents the physical end of planet Earth.  
  Instead, almost all religions provide their own philosophical interpretations of some kind of "new age" or era representing most significantly an end to the evil, the arrogance and the willful ignorance we continue to see so prevalent in this world today.  
  Therefore, the concept of The Apocalypse to many is neither an unfamiliar concept, nor possible a terribly fearful concept but a time that could herald a great awakening of possibilities, ethics and maturing of the Homo Sapien species relationship between ourselves, our planet and the universe as a whole.  
  What is unfamiliar and challenging to belief is the demonstration that this time is not only the true coming of the Apocalypse but that the process has already begun as represented --in part-- by the seven (7) writs of the Apocalypse.  
  Ritus Apocalytica - The 7 Writs of the Apocalypse  
  Consistent with the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven and the arrival of the 1st Notary of One Heaven--the 1st horseman--the seven (7) writs known as Ritus Apocalyptica and the Seven Writs of the Apocalypse represent Divine Notice that the Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding on the Roman Time [December 21st 2009]  also known as UCA E8:Y3208:8:A1:S1:M27:D1 has come.  
  These seven (7) writs represent fair notice to all spirits, angels, demons, men, women, persons and corporations.  
  In particular, specific writs have also been served upon those corporations that presently hold the greatest influence and power in this world and have been offered Divine Remedy through the Covenant of One Heaven.  
  Therefore, no argument by any spirit, angel, demon, man, woman, person or corporation that they were not properly served and did not know that the Apocalypse has commenced may be legally, nor reasonably argued.  
  If men, women, persons, corporations, spirits, angels or demons choose to dishonor the Notice of Divine Agreement and Understanding it shall be by their own free will and not through any false excuse of ignorance nor lack of service.  
  The Apocalypse is Divine Legal Foreclosure on Willful Ignorance and Arrogance  
  Finally, if doubt still remains as to the validity of this time and these instruments representing the true commencement of the Apocalypse, it should assist in understanding that the Apocalypse represents Divine Notice and Legal Foreclosure on Wilful Ignorance and Arrogance--especially when instanced into the power of corporations--not the condemnation of souls.  
  According to Divine Law, the 1st Divine Notice has now been duly served, as was prophecised and written two thousand years ago. Let those who remain arrogant and ignorant in power refuse to acknowledge the validity of these notices and demonstrate dishonor consistent with their disgraceful management of this world.  
  A time then will come, upon the 2nd Divine Notice upon the Roman Time  [December 21st 2010] also known as the year 3209 where their dishonor will be noted for all time.  
  If such arrogance and ignorance to their own rules, their own history and their own beliefs continues then a day will come soon after when these corporations shall be dust--as Divine Law and Foreclosure will have been duly rendered.  

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