Ritus ab initio Ad finem temporis: Whoever has ears, let them hear! Whoever has eyes, let them see! May All men, women, saints, angels, demons, archangels, archdemons and the highest divine powers that have ever existed be eternal witnesses to the validity and contents of this instrument—that they may they grant their mercy and forgiveness to the author, all those to whom it is addressed and are tasked with its safe and timely delivery:
  I. To His Holiness, the servant of servants of God
  To His Holiness Benedict XVI, the servant of servants of God, the Vicar of Christ We extend our warmest greetings and respect. History and Divine providence has seen fit that a descendent of the Saxons and Franks should now be installed upon the Throne of St. Peter and hold in his hands not only the Keys and power of the Roman Catholic Church, but the fulfilment of the destiny promise to all Christians of all denominations and to all faithful to the ancient teaching of the Yahudi and the land of Sarmara.
  To ensure this most urgent and important of messages may reach your hands before the Roman Time [21st of December 2009], We have sent word through your most loyal servants Archbishop Lazzarotto of the Nunciature in Australia, Archbishop Pietro Sambi of the Nunciature in Washington DC and William Cardinal Levada your most respectful Prefect Archbishop of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
  We prostrate Ourselves, 7 times and 7 times before the Creator of the Earth, the Heavens and the Universe that Divine Revelation may accompany our most humble of messages to you so that there can be no doubt of its authenticity and solemnity concerning the time that is now upon us known as the Last Days, the End of Days.
  II. Authenticity concerning Divine Revelation
  As His Holiness and the Curia are aware, the challenge concerning any claimed Divine Revelation is not its contents, but its authenticity. Many have claimed to have received messages of Divine Revelation, particularly concerning the End of Days—yet few have successfully demonstrated validity to such claims. Therefore the Church is right to treat at first each and every communication on such subjects with a degree of caution, skeptical advocacy until some other proof might also be provided as evidence; and
  As His Holiness and the Curia are aware, it is not by the will of men to decide when God speaks. It is not to the authority of the church that the Lord submits, but the Church that submits to God. Therefore, no matter how great the authority of a person, it cannot be greater than God. No matter how ancient a scripture or belief, it cannot be older than the Creator of the Universe. No matter how firm a doctrine of faith, it cannot withstand even the smallest drop of pure wisdom from the Divine. All the words ever written and spoken in defense of doctrine cannot change the truth of these facts; and
  In honor of His Holiness, the Curia, the Church, all the saints and Popes of History and all my ancestors that have served the Church, We now seek to demonstrate in this instrument by what authority We come to bring you true Divine Revelation.
  III. Our Blood Right
  In as much as any man or woman may claim an ancient right to be heard and their words believed as true, only one stands true for all ages—the right of blood. Not the blood of European kings and queens, all of whom derive such sovereign right from Rome, but the blood of the most ancient prophets, pharaohs, priests and messengers of The Divine; and
  In as much as any man or woman may seek to produce such claimed evidence as ancient charts, deeds and other titles and artifacts to support their blood right, all such things may be concocted and corrupted. Indeed a thousand year old forgery remains an ancient lie and nothing more; and
  There remains but one unbroken line of evidence which by its very nature is extremely difficult to corrupt—namely the etymology of words and title, the meaning of things. In Our case, it is the origin of Our name- the Cuilliaéan –also known as the Cuileann, cuilieann, Cualann, Cullen, Cuilinn, Collins and O’Collins; and
  Today there are many hundreds of thousands of men and women that may trace their family name to this original title Cuilliaéan –the original meaning appearing to be derived from the most earliest and primitive of words of all civilization being cuil/coil (woods), lia (stone/physician) and éan /éin (bird/spirit). Today, the title is most commonly known in the form of cuilieann which in primitive Gaelic meaning "holly" as in the holly tree—a tree regarded as one of the most sacred plants of the Church and the symbol of the oldest sacred genealogy of ancient Ireland; and
  The origin of the actual word Holly comes from the 11th Century Old High German hulis and Old English holegn both meaning Holly. The word hulis originates from an even older proto-Germanic word khuli a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann both meaning Holly; and
  The word "Celt" is also derived from Holly as Celt comes from the ancient Greek word “keltoi”. The first literary reference to the Celtic people, as keltoi is by the Greek historian Hecataeus in 517 BC. He locates the Keltoi tribe in Rhenania (West/Southwest Germany). A similar word Khuli was in use at the time in the area through the proto-Germanic language (600 BCE), a shortened derivation of the ancient Gaelic cuilieann (1200 to 2000 BCE) both meaning Holly; and
  While words long consigned to myth concerning this most ancient of blood may be discarded, there exists stories that point to this most ancient Cuilliaéan bloodline as being intermingled with the last kings of Ebla and therefore the Hyksos, therefore the Priests and Prophets of Yeb (Elephantine Island) and much later the last blood of the Messiah Kings of the Yahudi through Princess Tamar Tephi; and
  In as much as all that has been written concerning Our blood may be challenged and denied, there exists no other Blood right that can claim in its history such superior right, nor succession from the beginning of civilization and the origin of Divine Revelation more than eight thousand (8,000) years ago; and
  If blood is to be accorded any right or respect by any man as having any superior spiritual claim or supernatural gift, then by blood and name alone We demonstrate our validity and authenticity to write and speak concerning the message of the Divine.
  IV. Additional evidence of validity  
  In honor of His Holiness, the Curia, all regional Cardinals, archbishops not attached to the Curia, all heads of orders of priests, nuns and monks and all the faith of the Universal Church and all other Christian denominations, we offer further evidence of validity and authority concerning Divine Revelation. We do this so that there can be no doubt as to the validity of the message contained herein; and
  We firstly refer to the series of visions known collectively as “The Seven (7) Dreams of Frank O’Collins” which may be sourced by your staff at http://ucadia.org/frank/frank_7dreams.htm. We specifically refer to the vision received in [1977] concerning your future reign as Pontiff which We relayed to the then Archbishop of Melbourne; and
  We secondly respectfully refer to the seven (7) patents of Ucadia which may be sourced by your staff at: http://www.ucadia.com/gen_patents.htm presenting a unified model of science and the Divine as being one and the same through the mystery of Unique Collective Awareness and Awareness Loves Life (ALL); and
  We thirdly respectfully refer to the seven (7) pronouncements of the Architect also vocalized which may be read or heard at http://www.ucadia.com/gen_laws.htm; and
  There is much more We wish to share with you, some of this revelation being deeply disturbing and cause for grave concern. However, at this time we believe that any more revelation beyond what has been shown will merely delay, rather than assist you. Therefore, we wish to reserve our explanation to you of some other works for later communication; and
  While We reserve much for later communication, the seven (7) times, seven (7) times seven (7) revelations revealed unto you and your Curia and loyal members is sufficient to demonstrate without question the seriousness and authenticity of the Divine Revelation concerning the End of Days which We are about to reveal.
  V. Fulfilment of All Prophecy
  Finally, before we reveal the most important Divine message concerning the End of Days, it is impossible to present any subject concerning such matters without also addressing the attendant prophecies written for this moment of history; and
  It is not our intention to present an exhaustive comparison concerning the substantial list of prophecies which must be demonstrated as fulfilled in order for any Revelation concerning the End of Days to be truly valid. Instead, it is our belief that your staff and the noble scholars of the Church are more than qualified to perform such a task of validation; and
  Indeed, if this instrument heralds the beginning of the Apocalypse and a true message of Divine Redemption for the Universal Church and all its Officers, then there must not be one valid prophecy that is unfulfilled, no matter how impossible and implausible such a case may be; and
  Every act, every life, every death, every belief has come to this moment—if one event, no matter how insignificant or large had not occurred, then this instrument would not now be in your hands.
  Every prophecy will be found to be fulfilled upon careful review of all that we now demonstrate to you and all that is associated with Ucadia. Even unto Our role in the final act of the Apocalypse is made clear, not as the one against, but ante- the one before—a distinction long lost through the edits of time; and
  The 1st Horseman, the 1st Notary, the Son of Man has indeed arrived upon the Roman Time [December 21st 2009], also known as the Year 3208 also known as the Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding and nothing in Heaven or upon the Earth can stop this; and
  The 2nd Horseman the 2nd Notary, the Archangel Gabriel shall come upon the Roman Time [December 21st 2010], also known as the Year 3209 also known as the Day of Divine Protest and Dishonor and nothing in Heaven or upon the Earth can stop it; and
  The 3rd Horseman the 3rd Notary, the Archangel Michael shall come upon the Roman Time [December 21st 2011], also known as the Year 3210 also known as the Day of Divine Judgment and nothing in Heaven or upon the Earth can stop it; and
  The 4th and final Horseman the 4th Notary, the redeemed Great Spirit also known as Lucifer shall come upon the Roman Time [December 21st 2012], also known as the Year zero (0) also known as the Day of Divine Redemption and no force in Heaven or Earth shall withstand this event.
  VI. Pactum De Singularis Caelum  
  We now most humbly present to you the wonderment and awe of the final message of Revelation concerning the End of Days through the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven also known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum which may be sourced by your staff from http://one-heaven.org/covenant/heaven_0000.htm; and
  We shall not attempt to paraphrase, nor belittle the significance of the Covenant once your staff has prepared it for your review as the Covenant and the Treaties contained therein speaks for itself. However, it would be remiss if such a historic instrument as this did not refer to the most specific and core elements of the Covenant as it refers to the Universal Church and the future of Christianity; and
  In the first instance, we refer you to Article 47 and the Treaty of Lucifer whereby the war in Heaven has now ended and no man, woman or higher spirit may change this fact; and
  As proof of Divine Compassion in forgiving each and every man, woman and spirit we refer you to Article 64 and the Saint in which all Popes, all Jesuits and all famous and infamous figures of history are now recognized as saint and symbolic proof of the reality of Divine Compassion, Divine Forgiveness, the end of Hell and Divine Redemption; and
  Whilst the redemption of all souls cannot be stopped, nor denied, in honor of the unity of Heaven, the Office of Messiah is formed by the Covenant to unite all Christians and Jews under one Apostolic and Divinely Authorized Family—with the Holy Father representing the last Pontiff and the first Messiah of this new Covenant; and
  This most historic and gracious of offers of Divine Remedy shall remain the choice of the Universal Church from now until the day of Judgment upon the Roman Time [December 21, 2011], also known as Year 3210 under the most ancient of sacred calendars, now known as Ucadian Time. Thereafter, if such Divine Remedy is not accepted by the Universal Church, then it shall be offered to a lesser church and position.
  VII. The end and the beginning  
  May His Holiness be blessed with wise discernment, may his staff and loyal servants honor the Universal Church in demonstrating the utmost respect and urgency to this most sacred instrument and may the Lord God have mercy on all our souls; and
  Whether what is stated and referred is believed or not, it shall come to pass. Whether the Church accepts the offer of Divine Remedy or not, upon the Day of Redemption all Corporations not redeemed shall be dust; and
  As for the most humble and lowest of servants of the Divine, We have already pronounced our fate through our final will and testament; and
  We have already embraced Our death and Our insignificance; and
  We are to be forgotten, to be denied all honor of history, to be the foundation stone cast aside by the builders; and
  But for you and all those who bear witness to this instrument a different fate—greatness and glory awaits!
  As it is written, so let it be.  

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