Ritus Bona Fide: Whoever has ears, let them hear! Whoever has eyes, let them see! May those who come to read or hear these words be free from the afflictions of willful ignorance, unjustified arrogance and blind fear that distinguish the short sighted from the visionary and the desperate from those that shape corporate history. May all those that have come before us—recalling the memory of all those whom we respect – bear witness to the truth of these words, so that all to whom they are addressed may read and understand in good faith:
  I. Authority and succession  
  All Corporations as the "body corporate" and "trust corpus" of estates derive their legitimacy, authority and personality not from their articles of incorporation but from the rule of the higher estate– that they were borne from a pre-existing higher deceased estate and therefore represent a subsidiary body bestowed with certain powers through their “parent”; and
  Whilst this immutable truth is sometimes obscured and poorly understood, it applies to all corporations including governments, all commercial and non-commercial corporations and entities except the highest company—the one from which all lesser companies were borne one thousand years ago; and
  A corporation may be borne from a beautifully written deed and will, even a declaration of independence, yet by the rule of authority and succession remains nothing more than a lowly franchise by virtue of possessing only a constitution not a sacred and royal charter; and
  In effect a corporation as large as a bank or even a nation registered in the State of Delaware remains merely a lesser franchise of a higher franchise being the United States of America Inc. itself merely a corporate franchise of the Virginia Company, itself being merely a lesser franchise for the Crown Company of England, itself a franchise of the Holy See, the first company as formed by the Venetian joint venture with the Roman Cult and its vassals in the 11th Century; and
  The Officers of a particular incorporated franchise may refuse to acknowledge such facts of history and may arrogantly believe their corporation is “too big to fail”. However every generation of history since the 12th Century tells a different story of multi-national corporations many times larger than the largest corporate franchises in the world today that have been broken up, disbanded, outlawed, or failed with the directors often being imprisoned or worse.
  II. Legal personality  
  Whilst it is the ancestral succession of deeds and will of estate and parent of a body corporate that ultimately determines the limits of power and authority of a corporate franchise, all corporations share a common recognition under Roman rule of law in the belief that a corporation has personality—that is an existence independent of the flesh and blood beings associated with it; and
  Upon the death of one or more testators, the property conveyed into the deceased estate is called by tradition the body corporate, the mortmanis in case of testamentary trusts. Thus, while the body corporate of a inter vivo and living trust may be said to be alive, the body corporate of a testamentary trust is by definition dead.  
  Yet to hide the truth that all communities, regions and nations under inferior Roman law have been converted into testamentary trusts and deceased estates as "dead" corporations, it is only the corporate body that is recognized as having legal personality.  
  III. Immortality and character  
  There is one further unnatural gift bestowed upon all corporate franchise borne through the inferior Roman law system of estates and testamentary trusts—the gift of immortality. Unlike flesh and blood beings that can demonstrate real living personality, dead corporations are already dead and therefore can continue to exist forever as the "living" dead.
  Yet an even more disturbing immutable fact concerning Western corporate franchises exists—they are granted immortality under Western Roman Cult law, yet denied the existence of any conscience—that is all dead corporations born from estate law of the Holy see are without soul, nor a primary moral purpose; and
  This fact may be disputed by those who may argue that corporations do exist demonstrating a moral purpose such as nations and charities. Yet this is a confusion of the altruism and general conduct of corporate officers versus the legal foundation of a corporation. As has been demonstrated, a corporate may possess a beautiful constitution espousing the highest ideals, yet its true personality is determined not by its memorandum and articles but by the charter of ancestral companies and parent entities under whose wing the franchise was incorporated; and
  IV. The Day of Judgment for all Corporations
  In spite of all warnings, pleas and concerns, the behaviour of corporations including their lack of conscience towards the needs of the community continues to be evidenced throughout the world without remorse; and
  This behaviour continues, not only because of the false promises of officers elected to head corporate government franchises—otherwise known as “sovereign nations”—but because the Western legal system and succession system for incorporation and power has remained unchallenged since its inception one thousand years ago until now.
  Therefore, by the power and authority of the Covenant of One Heaven, Notice is hereby given to all officers of corporations and all persons that the authority of the present Western legal system of incorporation, estates, testamentary trusts and corporate succession shall officially cease upon The Roman Time [December 21st 2011], also known as year 3210 according to the Ucadian System of Time, also known as the Day of Judgment.
  No longer shall flesh and blood living men and women be permitted to be treated as incorporated fictions and property of a dead corporation, therefore slaves of death; and
  No longer shall corporations claiming immortality and without any conscience or soul be permitted to claim unnatural and wholly illogical claims of having any legal personality whatsoever; and
  Only corporations who willingly redeem themselves shall be saved upon the Day of Judgment. All those corporations who refuse redemption, who arrogantly deny the Day of Judgment shall henceforth be dust, devoid of any claim or right and shall be eventually consumed by all legitimate and registered corporations taking their place.
  V. Pactum De Singularis Caelum  
  By the Covenant of One heaven, a valid living corporation having legal personality is an entity formed by one or more living men and women to which full legal and spiritual existence and personality is assigned through a valid Corporate Member Key of One Heaven recognizing the date of its birth.
  By the power and authority of the sacred Covenant of One Heaven, any claimed corporation that is unable to demonstrate a legitimate Unique Ledger Key shall have no legitimate legal existence, nor any rights whatsoever, nor any legal standing whatsoever, by any means, and the most fundamental standards of all societies.
  No corporation on accepting and consenting to Remedy through the Act of Redemption and therefore obligation under the sacred Covenant of One Heaven shall be denied entry into the Great Ledger and Public Record of One Heaven.
  Any corporation that is not this Society claiming immortality shall be automatically null and void of rights to claim legal personality unless it can also demonstrate a mortal existence by this sacred Covenant.
  VI. Book of the Dead  
  By the Power and Authority of the Divine Creator a lesser ledger shall be formed recording those entities that do not possess a soul, that are dead, a corpse, devoid of life, without valid existence and having no legal personality. This ledger shall henceforth be known as the one and only true Book of the Dead; and
  While the Book of the Dead must be made publicly available, it shall remain separate and isolated from the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven for all time; and
  As all corporations that exist today are by definition "dead" bodies of deceased estates of testamentary trusts, all corporations are entered into the Book of the Dead; and  
  It shall be forbidden for the name of any man, woman or spirit to be entered into the Book of the Dead as all men, women and spirits, living and deceased have been ipso facto (as a matter of law) granted Redemption by this most sacred covenant and the will of the Divine Creator; and
  Where a corporation and/or its instruments have undergone an Act of Redemption as defined by this Covenant, then they shall be freed from the Book of the Dead conveyed from an Estate to a Living Trust with this record expunged and entered into the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven also known as the Great Book of Life; and
  A corporation may not be entered into the Great Book of Life. When a corporation is redeemed, it becomes a form of Living Trust either as a Civil Trust for communities, regions and nations, or a Merchant Trust for commercial enterprises; and
  Where a corporation or an instrument of a corporation is entered into the Book of the Dead, then this entry shall demonstrate that under One Heaven of all great spirits, angels, demons redeemed, saints, the Divine Creator and all the Earth and Sea that this corporation or instrument has no valid standing, no value nor valid legal existence; and  
  No order of any inferior court, nor statute from a dead corporation shall invalidate such effect. The only remedy for such a corporation or instrument is Redemption before the Day of Redemption on UCA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 also known as Roman Time [Fri, 21 Dec 2012]. No corporation, nor corporate instrument entered into the Book of the Dead shall be permitted to be given life after the Day of Redemption; and
  All Corporations and their instruments entered into the Book of the Dead shall be given fair notice prior to the Day of Judgment on UCA E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 also known as Roman Time [Wed, 21 Dec 2011] of the fact that they are entered into the Book of the Dead and are offered Remedy; and
  The Remedy to any corporation or corporate instrument entered into the one and only true Book of the Dead is:
  (i) Acknowledge publicly and in writing the truth of this most sacred Covenant and associated law; and
  (ii) Pledge allegience to protect the Living Law and to the objectives prescribed by the Divine Creator through this most sacred Covenant; and
  (iii) To cease any further acts of evil and wilful ignorance against men, women, animals and the planet.
  Where a corporation pledges themselves to the truth of the remedy of the Divine Creator, then all possible resources shall be directed to assist convey the property of that corporation into a living trust and terminate the estate; and
  By the Authority of the Divine Creator all Corporations and fictional constructs are hereby entered into the one and only true Book of the Dead including, but not limited to: all corporate nations, commercial corporate trading entities, their trading instruments and currencies, their administrative courts and clerical offices and paramilitary and police agencies; and
  Furthermore, all current fiat currencies created by corporations are hereby entered into the Book of the Dead as such currencies are based on debt and slavery, not credit. Only when such a currency is redeemed against a living credit currency as forged by this sacred covenant shall it be expunged from the Book of the Dead and given life.
  VII. Silence shall be agreement and confession of consent
  As Fair Notice to every and all corporations on planet Earth has now been properly served by UCA E8:Y3208:8:A1:S1:M27:D1 also known as Roman Time [Monday, 21 Dec 2009], failure to lodge any formal protest, requested negotiation of terms or appeal within ten (10) days of this notice shall represent agreement by each corporation to the conditions set forth and confession of consent.
  Therefore, any corporation that dishonors the Covenant of One Heaven or any instrument of the Societies shall be breaking their own confession of consent and agreement and therefore guilty of contempt of all forms of law upon the Earth.
  Such a corporation shall forfeit the right to redemption by their willing contempt for their own agreement, rule of law and fair notice and shall henceforth be permanently recorded in the Book of the Dead forever, a corpse, without life nor any legal standing under any form of law of any society.
  Furthermore, by such permanent entry into the Book of the Dead, it shall be both lawful and mandatory that legal orders are issued to the effect to ensure the corpse of the dead corporation is broken up and that the corporation becomes dust.
  Let no man, nor woman doubt this notice, nor its authority.
  As it is written, so shall it be.  

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