Ritus De Corpus Juris Ucadia: Whoever has ears, let them hear! Whoever has eyes, let them see! May All departed men, women, saints, angels, demons, archangels, archdemons and the highest divine powers that have ever existed be eternal witnesses to the validity and contents of this instrument—that they may grant their mercy and forgiveness to the author, all those to whom it is addressed and are tasked with its safe and timely delivery in dream, word and revelation to all living men, women and higher order life upon the Earth:
  I. To all living men, women and higher order life upon the Earth
  To all men, women and higher order life upon the whole Earth and See, Divine Notice is hereby given, served and affirmed concerning the validity of Pactum de Singularis Caelum (The Covenant of One Heaven) upon Roman Time of [Monday, 21 December 2009] also known as UCADIAN Time UCA E8:Y3208:8:A1:S1:M27:D1 also known as Year 3208, by the 1st Notary of One Heaven, also known as the 1st Horseman, also known as the Son of Man; and
  Furthermore, Divine Notice is given consistent with the articles of the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven, that all men, women and higher order life, living and deceased are hereby ipso facto (as a fact of law) members of One Heaven with no man, woman, person, corporation or spirit having the power on Earth or in Heaven to deny this fact; and
  In recognition and honor of all men, women and higher or life, living and deceased hereby granted full and permanent membership of One Heaven, including every higher order life yet to be borne, each and every membership is hereby now recorded in the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven, also known as the Great Book of Souls, also known as the Book of Life; and
  Whether a man, woman, person or corporation acknowledges these immutable facts, denies the truth, or actively works against such Divine Notice, such willful ignorance and arrogance shall not abrogate the membership rights of any single soul. Nor shall the formal request of any man, woman or spirit to have themselves removed from the Great Register be permitted, nor agreed. As it is by Divine Decree and Agreement that all men, women and higher order spirits are saved, and no man, woman, nor higher order spirit has the right to overrule such a Divine Agreement.
  II. The Treaty of Lucifer  
  Whereas we once believed in Hell, we therefore believed that War still raged in Heaven—the war has now ended; and
  Whereas we once believed that the greatest evil in the Universe, the personification of evil was to be found in the entity known variously as Lucifer, The Devil, Satan, B’al, B’al Moloch, Iblis and many other names—the Treaty of Lucifer now aligns the former armies of Hell against the one true enemy- willful ignorance and arrogance that perpetuates the behaviour of corporations and corrupt men and women; and
  Therefore, the most Sacred Covenant of One Heaven also represents a most sacred Treaty between the Highest of Parties that the War in Heaven has ended, the forces of angels, demons, saints and spirits are aligned as one and let no man, nor woman, nor any higher order being demonstrate such ignorance to this fact in claiming division remains; and
  When any arrogant and ignorant man or woman commits an act of evil, it is without spiritual currency, enjoyning no spiritual energy—an act wholly without legitimacy nor respect to the most ancient forces. For if such an arrogant and ignorant man or woman were to be spiritually enjoyned or to demonstrate true respect, they would put an and to such ways and acknowledge the legitimacy of the Covenant of One Heaven; and
  When such arrogance and ignorance from any man or woman is demonstrated through contempt for the Covenant of One Heaven or any associated instruments issued by its authority, let it be known that such contempt shall include contempt for all their ancestors, all spirits, all angels, all demons, all arch demons and the Divine. Therefore, when any man or woman demonstrates such contempt they willingly cast themselves out—stripping themselves of any legitimate authority, or position, even if they cling to the rags of such office in their arrogance and ignorance; and
  When any man or woman of such ignorance and arrogance has cast themselves out and demonstrates such an injury against the united Heaven, they shall also be willingly consenting to be bound by the forces of united heaven and acknowledging the right of every spirit, every angel, every saint, every demon and the greatest of all arch demons to enter their lives, their homes, their places of work and rest to give them no quarter, no mercy- to bring unto their body all manner of disease, of pain, of illness until their flesh is no more in this world; and
  While no departed man nor woman, nor any soul shall be condemned, the question of their fate in life because of their willful ignorance and arrogance is different compared to their redemption in death—as a man or woman willingly and with complete consent bind themselves to be hounded by the united forces of Heaven till their death when they demonstrate such arrogance, ignorance and injury upon the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven;
  Therefore fair notice and warning is given to all living men and women to honor and respect the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven in life, or choose by their own free will the consequences of such contempt.
  III. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
  To those that read and hear these words and respect the work of the Divine, the time for the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth has now come; and
  Let no man, nor woman deny the truth in the existence of a United Heaven and Earth, by the immutable fact of the existence of the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven; and
  Let no man, nor woman deny the truth that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is defined by the existence of the Society of One Heaven and that all men and women are granted irrevocable membership, sovereign status, true credit and redemption—under rule of law; and
  No more shall a few proclaim themselves gods and lords to rule the many. No longer shall corporations exist as immortal fictions whilst flesh and blood men and woman are reduced to lesser fictions and slaves. No more shall the rule of law be corrupted so that murderers and felons are rewarded and honest families live in fear; and
  To those that pray and long for the day of witnessing an end to pain, to the hardship wrought by those who have disenfranchised the many, take up your staff and bear witness to the truth of the Covenant of One Heaven and the lesser societies and laws defined by it; and
  Let all men and women harness these gifts to rebuilt their communities, their towns, their suburbs, their cities as sustainable, fair, prosperous societies—free of the corruptions, the fear and manipulation that has been imposed on us.
  IV. The Fulfilment of all faiths
  To those that would be mischievous and tricksters in their contempt for the Covenant of One Heaven and seeking to drive others astray by falsely claiming that such a sacred document represents and act of supreme blasphemy, a first and final warning to you; and
  To all who may read or hear such lies, let it be known that the Covenant of One Heaven is the perfect fulfilment of Divine promise—the perfection of all true faiths; and
  If any man or woman may claim otherwise, let them demonstrate where their faith does not promise this time? Let not lawyers and arguments of scribes lead you astray; and
  Those that seek to beguile others, that seek to misrepresent the Covenant and impose their own contempt upon the world, disguised as reasonableness and mildness have been warned. You willingly bind yourselves to your own fate and may the forces of united heaven show no mercy upon you until your end.
  V. Final Blessing  
  May all men and women that release themselves from the addiction of ego, the clutches of arrogance and willful ignorance be blessed; and
  May all men and women who testify to the truth of the Covenant of One Heaven and demonstrate respect for all the spirits of United Heaven be rewarded with every assistance and that their burdens be lifted, their hearts filled with joy and their communities brought back to life and prosperity; and
  May all that has been promised come to fulfilment as has been promised, as all of us who believe in the truth and compassion of the Divine have prayed.
  So it is written, so let it be.  

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