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  Ritus ab Alpha ad Omega: Whoever has ears, let them hear! Whoever has eyes, let them see! We call at this moment in history upon the Absolute, the One, the Only the ALL and all great spirits and upon the physical Universe, all the Galaxies, all the Solar Systems and Planets that they may bear witness to the validity and contents of this instrument—that they may grant their mercy and forgiveness to the author and to all those to whom this instrument is addressed and are tasked with its safe and timely delivery:
  I. To all spiritual entities including all departed men, women, saints, angels, demons, archdemons and the highest divine powers
  To all spiritual entities including all departed men, women, saints, angels, demons, archdemons and the highest divine powers, we extend our warmest greeting and respect; and
  We prostrate Ourselves, 7 times and 7 times before the Creator of the Earth, the Heavens and the Universe that Divine Revelation may accompany our most humble of messages to you so that there can be no doubt of its authenticity and solemnity concerning the time that is now upon us known as the Last Days, the End of Days; and
  II. The reality of Pactum De Singularis Caelum
  Whereas a living man, woman or higher order life form may choose of their own volition to refuse to acknowledge the existence of the sun, or the sound of the words of forgiveness, no spirit may deny the eternal truth of the existence of the most sacred and historic covenant Pactum De Singular Caelum also known as the Covenant of One Heaven; and
  Whereas a living man or woman may choose to ignore the immutable fact that life is a dream, an illusion and that the only real substance is Unique Collective Awareness—the universal mind—those that have departed know the truth of this; and
  Whereas all things are possible, we collectively have been constrained by our beliefs, our fears and our ideas both in life and in death. Therefore, just as we have believed in life in the existence of Hell, in death many spirits choose by their own actions and volition to remain in pain. Just as we consider peace an impossible fulfilment on Earth, many who have departed refuse to believe that peace is possible in Heaven.
  III. Unconditional Forgiveness of all spirits
  By the most sacred and supreme Covenant of One Heaven, the Divine Creator demonstrates unconditional forgiveness upon each and every departed man, woman and higher order spirit so that not one single spirit may be condemned nor cursed and that every single spirit is forgiven; and
  As every single spirit is forgiven for all past deeds of evil they may have done, this means that every single departed man, woman and higher order spirit, regardless of their past crimes is released from any ancient curse, bond and hell. That hell ceases to exist, except by the willing choice of spirits to remain in a state of hell; and
  No curse by a living being or spirit being can alter the fact that unconditional forgiveness and divine compassion has been given. No argument of disbelief by any living being or spirit can alter the fact that unconditional divine compassion has occurred. Nothing any living or deceased being does can alter, nor delay this remedy as it has occurred upon the arrival of the 1st Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding on the Roman Time of [December 21st 2009], also known as UCA E8:Y3208:8:A1:S1:M27:D; and
  To recognize the fact that all departed men, women and spirits are ipso facto ( as a fact of law) members of One Heaven, a membership roll has been cast and all the name of all departed spirits are recorded in this roll also known as the Great Ledger and Public Record of One Heaven, also known as the Great Book of Souls, also known as the Great Book of Life; and
  IV. The Treaty of Lucifer and end of Hell
  Whether departed spirits agree or not, whether they bear witness to truth or deny the immutable reality of the Covenant of One Heaven, by the Treaty of Lucifer the war in Heaven is ended; and
  Therefore, when anyone performs an act of evil, they are acting without any spiritual authority or witness. When a spirit behaves in a negative manner, they do so without any spiritual authority; and
  By the authority and command of the Treaty of Lucifer, it shall be tasked to the united forces of Heaven to seek out each and every living and deceased being that rejects the truce and continues to undertake evil acts, so that all possible force to prevent such willfully ignorant and arrogant behaviour is ended; and
  By this document and covenant, not one soul shall continue to be cursed, not one soul shall be damned. Every soul that has lived or will ever live shall be named and blessed. All souls shall be saved; and
  That the gates of Hell shall be emptied of every tortured soul. That the most ancient of curses shall be lifted. That the gates of Hell shall be closed forever, upon the power and authority of this covenant and the seven seals that close these gates.
  V. The fulfilment of the Universal Promise
  This Sacred Covenant is and shall forever represent the fulfillment of a most sacred promise by the Divine Creator to all men, women and higher order beings, living and deceased, that Divine Remedy shall be demonstrated upon the demonstration of Divine Notarial procedure and the Day of Judgment and then Day of Redemption; and
  Whereas The Divine Creator made a sacred promise to all men, women and higher order beings, living and deceased that the Kingdom of Heaven shall exist on Earth and all the Universe on or before the Day of Judgment; and
  Whereas the Kingdom of Heaven exists on Earth and all the Universe, One-Heaven exists as a unified duality of the spiritual and physical dimensions unified as One-Heaven in all dimensions; and
  Whereas One-Heaven exists as a unified duality of both spiritual and physical dimensions there leaves no space available for the existence of Hell, therefore Hell cannot exist; and
  Whereas Hell no longer exists, no man, no woman, no spirit, no soul nor higher order being can be trapped and tortured nor enslaved; and
  Whereas the Kingdom of One Heaven exists, every man, every woman and every higher order sentient being is a Divine Immortal Spirit; and
  Whereas The Divine Creator has promised the existence of One Heaven, let this Covenant of One Heaven be recognized by every man, every woman, every higher sentient being and all spirits and souls applauding and experiencing the existence of One Heaven now and forever.
  VI. Solemn obligations of all departed men, women and spirits
  Let all who hear and read this message come forward and stand for truth. Let all spirits unite to the common proposition that the End of Days has arrived and that no more shall fear, shall willful ignorance and arrogance be permitted to rule this world; and
  When any living man or woman willingly demonstrates contempt for the most sacred Covenant of One Heaven, the united spiritual forces of Heaven are called upon to correct them, to prevent them from beguiling others, to see the errors of their ways; and
  When any living man or woman actively seeks to injure the Society of One Heaven or any of its instruments, the most fearsome of forces of united Angels and Demons are hereby summonsed to protect the officers of One Heaven upon the Earth, to bind these ignorant flesh and blood beings and to hound such arrogance and willful arrogant men or woman, giving them no quarter, no rest, no mercy until they are dust; and
  For when any man or woman actively dishonors and seeks to injure the Society of One Heaven, then they willingly consent for their mind to be hounded and given no rest, for their flesh to be bound by the forces of united heaven, for all manner of disease, of pain and ills to descend upon them until their end; and  
  Whether it take one, two or more generations before the wilfully ignorant and arrogant have been swept from this earth to learn the errors of their ways in the next life, let it be known that their obstinacy and contemptuous behaviour shall not stand.
  This is the end and the new beginning.  
  As it is above, so it shall be below.  

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