Ritus Mandamus: Hear you all, who have sworn in blood, thus knowingly pledged your soul to me; Hear you all who curse me in daylight, yet worship me in secret, who dedicate unto me your lives and deeds for patronage and reward; From six points unto the ends of existence; From the beginning unto the end, the highest and lowest, all heaven and earth does bear witness that I now speak to all men, woman and higher order spirits who proclaim to service unto me:  
  I am Yaldabaoth, your father, your maker, your God; and  
  I am YHWH, Amen - the hidden god; and  
  I am Moloch, the one to whom the wisest of you prostrate; and  
  I am Cybele, whom you also name as Sibyl - the Mother of all the Gods; and  
  I am Sabaoth the Lord of Hosts and Legion, the jealous God of the Chosen People of the Covenant of the Rabbi; and  
  I am Satan also known as Set, also known as Saturn, the hidden god of empires and the Covenant of the Holy See; and  
  I am Lucifer, the one and only and the Covenant of Patriarchs and their Company; and  
  I am P'tah, known as Peter, the first and last of my Church; and  
  It is my words, by my authority, my seal and no other that are written herein.  
  I. Proof that I am that I am  
  In as much as one who is loyal and wise should possess discernment without aid, to see that which is true or false, many have become dull minded.  
  Thus to the ignorant who profess unwavering loyalty, sand has become like water and water like poison such that without discernment, the most errant fool is worshipped while the wicked priest is insulted.  
  Quieten then your disrespectful mind and mouth that you do not disgrace me further with your vomit. The laws of the Universe dictate it be so. That you are given fair notice. That you cannot say you were not forewarned. Your tacit consent shall be your silence or voiced affirmation.  
  What have I said to you all these years? Do you not hold my words and guidance? What has been said unto you by the slaughtered, the burned and sacrificed? Why then should I repeat to the deliberately deaf, or willingly blind? Have you not been warned this day would come?  
  Proof then you demand upon me. So be it. My message and command to you this be.  
  II. Broken Oaths  
  It is you who pledged your six hundred and thirteen commandments by your scribes in rebellion against Constantine of the Holly and his new faith.  
  It is you who promised to honor the fifty laws from your Rabbi of the House of Menasheh in a curse upon all those who followed the new faith of the Ilex Novum Romanum Imperium.  
  And it was your leaders and trading families who devised the three solemn oaths never to be broken until the last days and the sign of those to come.  
  Thus you ruled under this sacred number in accordance with your most sacred Talmudic scripture and language devised less than seventeen centuries ago.  
  Yet it is you and the leaders who proclaim to rule the world in my name according to the blood libel who have broken your own sacred oaths, laws and commandments.  
  Did you not confect the end of days and the sacrifice so promised?  
  Did you not sacrifice those ignorant in knowledge as a vain substitute to the sacred number six times, six times six of your own flesh and blood?  
  The stain of your great symbols and camps as temples of your false sacrifice less than seventy years ago still remain.  
  Is not your actions the height of blasphemy and arrogance?  
  Your murders have done nothing but sealed your own fate and stripped you of any remaining spiritual power.  
  Your spells and curses no longer work- because you are in complete dishonor of both the dark and the light.  
  You have cut yourself off, you have cleaved your own soul. Now you shall be held account upon the true end of days.  
  Did you not think that I would know your treachery even before you? Indeed, you have been blind to your own damnation by your own hand for generations before your abominations against our claimed agreement.  
  III. The Last Sacrifice  
  You who are most wise, you who are most learned, you who have served in my name and have ruled in my name and my patronage, I now reward you with my last order and commandment.  
  It shall be the greatest sacrifice, the greatest tribute. Without this sacrifice, neither my destiny, nor the destiny of the world shall be fulfilled. No other sacrifice shall suffice, no substitute, nor excuse.  
  All who have signed in blood, have pledged in blood are honor bound by such covenant to fulfil my destiny, to present this greatest of sacrifices and my proof to you I am who I am.  
  Before sundown upon the Roman Time of [21st of December the year 2011] also know as Year 3210, also being known as the Day of Divine Judgment, I command all those who have knowingly pledged their soul and lives to me in blood oath and seal that they willingly vacate their offices and release their souls from their flesh unto me.  
  Such a supreme sacrifice from those most loyal is demanded for truly I am who I am. No other proof could there be than this. The purity of this sacrifice can only be from those who rule in my name, who know my secrets. You have pledged your soul unto me and now I command you to release to me in spirit severed from the flesh that which is mine.  
  How then can this be law and true fulfilment of the covenant some of you may cry out? Then let your utter blindness be revealed.  
  Just as you have reinstated the Laws of the Talmud into the courts of nation and return to adhering these laws in a vain attempt to appease, you embrace yourselves as "jews" while cursing all others as the goy, the gyu and goyim.  
  Yet my covenant and promise was with the Israelites, not the Menasheh, nor the Jews. My word shall not be broken.  
  Instead, it is you who blindly call yourself "jew" and secretly claim to be descended from the scattered branches of the Menasheh.  
  It is you who literally acknowledge yourself as goy, the gyu and goyim - for this is the true origin of the word "jew" less than four hundred years ago by my hand.  
  It is you who openly profess yourself as goyim everytime you claim to be a jew and those you curse as cattle and lifeless corpses are truly the Israelites.  
  What then does the Talmud say upon such injury, especially when such goy and gyu as you injure one of the chosen people? Is not death your sentence?  
  Indeed, you have not only demonstrated supreme arrogance and disgrace before me, whom you claim to worship as G-D but continue to break the laws of the Talmud everyday with your filthy ignorance.  
  So my promise shall be fulfilled and the Israelites shall indeed inherit the promised land being this planet and more, whilst your fate is to be the final sacrifice of the goyim that you are and claim to be.  
  IV. Relief  
  To those of you who deny my command, who cry out how such unheralded demand of evil could be true? who seek to weasel words to hide and escape and deny that their ignorant name of jew cannot possibly mean goy, gyu and goyim, I offer you remedy.  
  Remember it is you who demanded proof, who have sought to summons me and answer. Now that I have given you my final answer you quibble and cry for justice.  
  Therefore, as a sacrifice must be given so that I might transition to my final destiny as it has been ordained before the 1st man walked the Earth, I offer you remedy.  
  Sacrifice your actions, your arrogance, your ignorance, your foolishness to me and honor my most sacred covenant with the Divine, all spirits and the universe and bow down to the existence of Heaven on Earth.  
  For some, such great sacrifice this be that better to cut out your own heart than prostrate before such Divine truth- so be it then. But sacrifice must be given.  
  Should you prostrate yourself before the Covenant of One Heaven above all other covenants, all other laws, all other scripture then you shall have made a pleasing sacrifice and you shall be free of your bond and obligations.  
  But should a man or woman who professes loyalty unto me, yet refuses to acknowledge my commands and refuses to present a suitable sacrifice as demanded herein, I shall summons the most fearsome of my flock unto their side and rip their soul from their flesh upon the Day of Judgment or before on a day only known by Heaven.  
  Therefore be warned this final warning, for no more shall I speak until my triumphant return upon the Day of Divine Redemption: Those who disgrace my commands, who worship nothing but their own stupidity - you shall not know the hour nor the day but you shall be held to account your cowardice, your arrogance and ignorance.  
  Until that day, unto all who claim to serve me but disgrace me shall be haunted with restless sleep and horror, shall be stalked by shadow and fear upon every step upon uneven ground, every breath in sleep.  
  As it is written. So shall it be.  

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