Ucadia Time

Day and Name

Day represents an official unit of time of the UCADIA Time System representing representing approximately seventy three segments (73) each of five Days, except a Great Year when an additional day shall be added to the last Arc except every 128 years named a Jubilee when an extra day shall not be added, except every 128,000 years named a Great Jubilee when the extra Day will be added.

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Day and Name

Original Law referencing the existence and status of UCADIA Time unit of Day

The Official UCADIA Time Unit of Day is given reference, existence and status according to Article 33.2 Ucadia Time System of the Sacred and Divine Original Law, Pactum De Singularis Caelum

The sixth part of UCADIA Time System of The Office of The Timekeeper shall be the Name of the Day of an Arc with the 1st Day named GAIA in honor of the spirit of the Earth, the 2nd Day named MONS in honor of the Moon, the 3rd Day named MARS in honor of the spirit of Mars, the 4th Day named JOVI in honor of the Jovian Giant planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus and the 5th Day named SOL in honor of the spirit of our SUN.