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Prayers by Issue Type - Work & money
View PrayerAlmighty GodThe Architect
View PrayerIf it be that I find myself in debtThe Architect
View PrayerLet my hands and my skills testifyThe Architect
View PrayerLord, if it be your will that through my efforts, I have wealth,The Architect
View PrayerMay there always be work for your hands to doBlessing - Traditional Irish
View PrayerMy Lord and GodThe Architect
View PrayerPrayer for the UnemployedChristian - Author Unknown
View PrayerPrayer of ThanksBishop Charles Lewis Slattery
View PrayerPrayer of Work and TravelSir Francis Drake (1540-1596)
View PrayerPrayer to Sant' Antonio to Find a Lost ArticleCatholic - Traditional
View PrayerPrayer to St. Anthony to find lost itemCatholic - Traditional
View PrayerPrayer to St. Cecilia for ArtistsCatholic - Traditional