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Prayers by Issue Type - Relationships
View PrayerDear GodThe Architect
View PrayerGod bless my partnerThe Architect
View PrayerO powerful and eternal GodThe Architect
View PrayerPrayer for Protection of Friends and OthersChristian - Traditional
View PrayerPrayer of DedicationSt. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
View PrayerRespecting one anotherChristian - Author Unknown
View PrayerSurround me with your lightThe Architect
View PrayerInner WakefulnessMevlana Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)
View PrayerDivine Architect of the universe, well pleasedRig Veda 7.2.9
View PrayerHave your eating and drinking in common.Atharva Veda 3.30.6
View PrayerHusband and wife in sweet accord give milk oblations to the GodsRig Veda 8.31.5
View PrayerMay Mitra, Varuna and Aryaman grant us freedom and spaceRig Veda 7.63.6
View PrayerO man and woman, having acquired knowledge from the learnedShukla Yajur Veda 5.17