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Phrase:ucadian model
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a comprehensive idea, design and blueprint of all rules, matter and Meaning expressed as seven (7) Divine Systems being Classification, Symbols, Semantics, Elements and Properties, Language, Axioms and Mind. The one (1) State of Being is Unique Collective Awareness: The Divine System of Classification is based on several primary components being objects and concepts called DA and their associated attributes that modify them called MODIFIERS, bridge associations between concepts and objects called RELATORS, associations that bridge between DA and MODIFIERS and/or RELATORS called ASSOCIATORS and tense/perspective called TENSORS. All these components are used to construct a rich possible variety of combined meaningful statements called DIA The system of the Divine System of Symbols are based on the use of consistent geometric shapes to denote the distinction between components and their base set such as DA (objects and concepts), MODIFIERS (attributes of DA), RELATORS (relationships between DA and MODIFIERS), ASSOCIATORS and TENSORS (tense/perspective and intent). For example, all DA (objects and concepts) may be identified into (10) ten groups according to their outer geometric shape The Divine Standard Model of Universal Elements is a system and subset of the Divine System of Classification being six (6) levels and sets of elements being UNITA, SUPER SUB-ATOMICS, SUB-ATOMICS, ATOMICS, MOLECULES and LIFE The System of Divine Language is also known as EIKOS and defines the relationships, properties and measurement of all elements in operation from the Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements The Natural Laws of UCADIA are three hundred and sixty seven (367) sets of axiom to define and describe physical laws governing all elements in operation from the Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements