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Definition for true trust
Phrase:true trust
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a form of Living Trust containing Divine Property known as Divine Rights of Use, or Divinity that is validly registered into the Great Register and Public Record of a global Ucadian society in accord with Pactum de Singularis Caelum. A True Trust may be for a single man, or woman called a "True Person Trust", a True Location Trust containing Divine Right of Possession of Promised Land, or an aggregate trust such as a Universal True Trust, Global True Trust or Civil True Trust. By definition, Divinity or Divine Rights of Use cannot exist without the existence of a Divine Trust. Therefore, no valid True Trust may exist unless it is connected and created from a valid Divine Trust. A True Trust is formed when a Divine Person grants certain Divine Rights of Use, known as Divinity into the True Person Trust creating the Trust Corpus of the True Trust, also known as the True Body Corporate, also known as the True Person, having legal personality. The mind and brain of the flesh vessel is always the General Executor and Guardian of the flesh. The flesh vessel, also known as the living flesh, also known as the living body of the organic higher order life form is always the Trustee with the True Person as beneficiary.