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Letter namejay jy
Pronounciation/dʒeɪ/ /dʒaɪ/

Definition for justice
DA Name:justice
Source Language:Latin

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From 13th Century Latin justus Old English justice, Old French justise meaning "LAWS, RIGHT of LAW- the exercise of legal authority in vindication of ancient Imperial (Roman) rights and precepts by assigning reward or punishment". The word was formed upon the claims of the Roman Cult Popes to have in their possession "untampered" ancient legal documents from Constantinople such as the Codex Justinian and earlier which (apart from several extraordinary anomolies) also claimed the Catholic Church to be "above the law"--hence the ultimate origin of the word Justice = forged laws of Justin and Emperors = Church above the law. The first and foremost pledge of all senior legal representatives of the "Justice" systems in Western christian nations is not to impart fair and true legal judgment, but to protect the Roman Cult from being held accountable for their actions = fundamental meaning of Justice.