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Letter nameaitch haitch
Pronounciation/eɪtʃ/ /heɪtʃ/

Definition for human being
Phrase:human being
DA Name:human being
Source Language:Latin

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From Latin Humanus = “a lesser / inferior man or woman (Level 6 (self aware) life form) defined legally as an animal and / or monster as distinct from the ancient (pre Vatican) Roman term homo = man ". A key rule of Law from the 14th Century describing a fundamental legal fiction - that is the notion of an inferior Level 6 (self aware) life form as an animal (as defined by Papal Decree) and therefore not subject to the laws of free Level 6 (self aware) life forms, but the laws of property. The decision to create a 2nd word for Homo (man), denoting an inferior "animal" man was crucial to the legal implementation of the Vatican global slave trade from the 14th Century - to overcome the questions of legality and morality of the Vatican slave trade. Therefore, unbaptized indigenous populations were legally defined as "humans" - therefore animals. Legally, the name of a human must always be in CAPITALS to identify that individual as property as distinct from a free Level 6 (self aware) life form.