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Definition for astrum iuris divini canonum
Phrase:astrum iuris divini canonum
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Source Language:Latin

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the Living Body of Divine Canon Law and the highest of all Original Law comprising twenty-two (22) books of Canons as defined by the Articles of Pactum De Singularis Caelum being Article 89 Canonum De Lex Divina (Divine Law), Article 90 Canonum De Lex Naturae (Natural Law), Article 91 Canonum De Ius Cogitatum (Cognitive Law), Article 92 Canonum De Ius Positivum (Positive Law), Article 93 Canonum De Lex Ecclesium (Ecclesiastical Law), Article 94 Canonum De Ius Virtus Naturae (Bioethics Law), Article 95 Canonum De Ius Rex (Sovereign Law), Article 96 Canonum De Ius Fidei (Fiduciary Law), Article 97 Canonum De Ius Administratum (Administrative Law), Article 98 Canonum De Lex Frugalitas (Economic law), Article 99 Canonum De Ius Pecuniae (Monetary Law), Article 100 Canonum De Ius Civilis (Civil Law), Article 101 Canonum De Ius Informatum (Education Law), Article 102 Canonum De Ius Nutrimens Et Medicina (Food and Drugs Law), Article 103 Canonum De Ius Industriae (Industry Law), Article 104 Canonum De Ius Urbanus (Urban Law), Article 105 Canonum De Ius Companie Company Law), Article 106 Canonum De Ius Machinatio (Technology Law), Article 107 Canonum De Ius Proventum (Trade Law), Article 108 Canonum De Ius Securitas (Security Law), Article 109 Canonum De Ius Militaris (Military Law) and Article 110 Canonum De Ius Gentium (International Law)