Ritus Verum, also known as the 144 Truths is the final of the three official and sacred writs issued in 2011 to collapse and terminate the master trusts established by the Roman Cult and their Venetian masters claiming all property and land of the world.  
  Ritus Verum was issued on October 31st 2011 in honor of the action of Marin Luther almost 500 years before on that exact occasion in the issue of his 95 Theses.  
  Martin Luther and his 95 Theses  
  On the evening of October 31st 1517, approximately 494 years ago, Martin Luther posted on the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg his famous 95 Theses.  
  During those days, the church doors was an original form of official public notice and public record, so technically Martin Luther was giving Public Notice.  
  Unfortunately, the original of his 95 Theses has been lost and the most credible printed copies protected by the Lutheran Church were all destroyed upon the bombing of a declared place of refuge famous for having no military installations other than rare anti-Vatican artifacts, the historic city called Dresden in World War II by the Americans, murdering over 250,000 innocent men, women and children by being burned alive.  
  What remains are disgraceful and deliberate distortions created by Vatican agents whereby over half the document now absurdly praises the pope. The other half is claimed as theological waffle.  
  Clearly, whatever Martin Luther truly wrote and said, it must have been dramatic and struck a chord with the general public across Europe. The reason we can be pretty certain his true message must have been historic is because it is Martin Luther that sparked what we know as the Reformation.  
  If not for Martin Luther, we would not have had the Reformation. There would have been no King James Bible, no Church of England, no Calvinism, no separation from Rome, no rise of the spirit of democracy, no foundation for the American Revolution.  
  Despite his fundamental role, most people alive today know very little about him and even less about the very institutions of Liberty, Freedom and Protestantism they claim to support. This is clearly evident when discussing Reformation Day.  
  Reformation Day  
  Until the beginning of the 20th Century, a day considered sacred and important to all who believe in the King James Bible and the protestant faiths was Reformation Day, in honor of Martin Luther on October 31st.  
  On this day, members of families would exchange presents. Later, this was deliberately incorporated into Christmas to diminish Reformation Day further. Finally, thanks to Hollywood and marketing, Reformation Day was finally removed from the minds of most protestant believers in the United States and other English speaking nations with the ficticious creation of Halloween as a kind of repackaged pagan holiday to ignore Reformation Day.  
  Ritus Verum  
  Ritus Verum, or the Writ of 144 Truths honors the memory and legacy of Martin Luther despite the terrible apathy and lack of thought by all those who profess to believe the Protestant message.