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XI. Procedures
  Article 121 - Binding  
121.1 Binding  
  Binding is when a confession and willing consent is given by a living man or woman - who has demonstrated contempt and injury to the Covenant of One Heaven or its most sacred instruments and authorities – to enter into a private deed between their spirit and other spirits to call upon all the most ancient Great Spirits, Arch Demons, Demons, Arch Angels, Angels and all departed spirits to bind their flesh and mind until they are hounded to physical death, including the bringing of all manner of disease, of wretched pain and illness until their departure from the physical world in order to free their spirit, also known as their soul.
  As a Binding is a private deed between spirits, it cannot be summonsed, requested, demanded, invoked or implied by another flesh being. It is entirely the decision of the spirits enacting the binding and is reserved for only the most grave of circumstances as listed within this Article. Therefore any such false summons, demand, invocation or other claim shall have no effect and place such a living man or woman in dishonor.  
  Once the spirit is free from the departed flesh, if the flesh and blood was unwilling to be redeemed, the binding ensures that dedicated spiritual support remains to assist in the education of the spirit, assistance in care and redemption as no departed spirit may be condemned nor forgotten.  
121.2 The Three (3) Conditions of Binding  
  The Great Spirits and Forces of Heaven have chosen to support only three (3) circumstances and conditions by which Binding shall be permitted:  
  (i) Against those who are directly named or officials of an entity, trust or corporate body as being in direct dishonor in accordance to one or more of the Seven (7) Deeds of Divine Protest and Dishonor issued one year prior to the Day of Divine Judgment; or  
  (ii) Against those who hold high office and authority by virtue of a sacred oath or claim to Heaven after the Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding who: (1) have clearly demonstrated by their actions a contempt for their obligations and duty; and (2) failed to rectify their errors and behaviour by the Day of Divine Judgment; and (3) continue to repudiate the supreme authority and legitimacy One Heaven and Ucadia prior to the Day of Divine Redemption; or  
  (iii) Against those named as a party to one of the thirteen (13) Great Divine Writs who after forty (40) days demonstrates unmistakable dishonor and contempt by refusing to acknowledge the Writ or act upon its instructions, nor give lawful excuse for such delay.  
  Unless a circumstance complies to one of these, then a Binding shall not be permitted and any such claim shall be a grave injury to united Heaven.  
121.3 Spirits called to action through the sacred agreement of Binding  
  When a spirit (soul) enters into a private deed with the Divine and all the spirits of Heaven, then they immediately enact two terms of the deed: (1) For all guardian angels and attendant spiritual protection to stand aside and no longer assist in day to day actions that maintain life in the flesh and (2) Call upon a formation of the most formidable angels and demons to replace their guardians and dedicate every moment towards the pain and eventual death of the flesh.
  The absence of guardian spirits –even without the arrival of the most formidable angels and demons—means in reality that no longer shall any spirits help the body shift at night when breathing stops. No longer shall any spirits warn of dangers when walking or attending to duties. No longer shall any spirits warn of obstacles.
  Instead, the most formidable angels and demons shall dedicate every second of every day to disturb the mind, disturb the sleep, to provide misdirection, to cause doubt, to distract when performing duties and to ensure the flesh is oblivious to all manner of present danger.
  When the flesh enters into a binding then a minimum of one hundred and forty four of the most fearsome arch angels and arch demons shall be dispatched to ensure the swiftest death of the man or woman to end any further injury against the Society.
  The spirits that are duty bound to execute the binding and ensure the death of the man or woman, as consented by the private deed with the same individual and their spirit shall be known officially as The Shadow Spirits.
121.4 Contractual Agreement of Binding  
  Whenever an officer of an alternate society fully and willingly consents by their extreme dishonor according to one of three circumstances by which a binding may be issued, they agree to enter to a private agreement which cannot be broken until their death, or redemption, whichever is first. All binding automatically ends upon death.
  As a sacred and lawful deed, the man or woman –through their actions of contempt, ignorance, arrogance and injury to the Society—fully agrees that until their death or redemption to the following terms:
  (i) No spiritual assistance whatsoever shall be provided as all guardian and protecting spirits shall agree to stand down and be replaced by The Shadow Spirits tasked with ensuring the successful completion of the binding; and
  (ii) The Shadow Spirits shall never grant the living man or woman a second of peace until the terms of the deed and their eventual death is accomplished; and
  (iii) The Shadow Spirits are granted full permission to enter into the dreams and thoughts of the man or woman representing any shape, person or symbol including providing misdirected advice, confusion, doubt, depression, horror and fear; and
  (iv) The Shadow Spirits in league with the spirits of the Earth shall be at liberty to unleash any and all forms of bacteria, virus and microbes of the earth to infect their flesh, causing all manner of corruption, of pain and disease; and
  (v) To cause all manner of pain within their body so that no moment of rest, nor respite is possible any day, nor at any time; and
  (vi) To promote the maximum possible state of fear and paranoia, especially by introducing distractions, the Shadow Spirits shall represent themselves as moving shadows and darkness so that the man or woman fears the dark and so that the man or woman knows not when their inevitable doom will come; and
  (vii) To encourage that the very deepest and sadness of emotions envelope them, so that they can no longer give any further injury to the Society, nor its officers or instruments.

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