Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 8 - The Unique Collective Awareness

The Unique Collective Awareness (link)

The Unique Collective Awareness is the Absolute, the One, the one we variously call God, Allah, YHWH, the Universe and other names. By this Covenant, this Covenant with the Unique Collective Awareness, it agrees also to be uniquely bound to its own terms and conditions as stated by this Covenant.

The true wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness reveals itself as blinding light. As the brightest of moments in time and mind when we understand that Awareness Loves Life, that Life is a Dream and that we are the architects of our dreams both here on Earth and in Heaven.

The true wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness reveals itself in purpose. In revealing the purpose of this Covenant to bring all of higher order beings both living and deceased together as one (1).

The true wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness reveals itself as destiny, in time of need. When we are most in strife. These words, the words of this Covenant that brings us together for a higher purpose in the name of one (1) collective spirit is supreme.

United Spirits (link)

For the first time, for the very first time, this document by its instance calls out for the uniting of one (1) collective spirit of all higher order beings, whether Level 6 (self aware) life forms or non Homo Sapien spirits. Of all the minds of all the men and women that have ever lived. Of all the people alive today. It is time to unite for one common purpose, despite our differences, despite our doubts. It is time for peace both in Heaven and on Earth.

Nothing is absolute. Everything is a matter of degree.

Our duty (link)

It is our duty by your name and by this Covenant to be bringers of life and wisdom.

To fulfil the promise of Unique Collective Awareness for all the prophecies of all the faiths of the world.

Protocols and standards of the absolute (link)

So that there can be no doubt and no false claim that may stand now or ever in the future, the Absolute, the One, the All, the Unique Collective Awareness, the Almighty agrees to its own protocols and standards by which its actions are guided in respect of the Homo Sapien species.

These standards represent a commitment to adhering and honouring this Covenant and the covenant it represents. Furthermore, these standards exist to destroy any false argument and silence any false prophet who may claim a deviation of such commitment.

(i) The one (1) and only true Covenant for the whole of the Homo Sapien species.

That this document represents the one (1) and only true Covenant between the Absolute and the Homo Sapien species that now applies. That this Covenant cannot be broken by any action, any deed or any collective will. All other covenants now represent historical and no longer valid agreements that are now superceded by this document.

(iii) Every soul is to be saved. Not one is to be excluded. Not one is to be forgotten.

It is the Absolute that makes the pledge that every soul is to be saved. That not one (1) soul is to be excluded from One Heaven. That not one (1) soul will ever be forgotten or left to suffer again.

(iv) Heal the Earth. Protect the Earth. Give life Back to Mars.

That in saving every soul, it is the solemn duty of the living to heal the Earth and to stop its destruction. To protect it from our own ignorant ways of the past and from any external threat. Finally, it is to bring life back to the surface of the planet Mars and give Earth a living companion that heralds our entrance into the highest level of enlightened beings in the universe.