Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconObjects (Local Collective)

Article 77 - Celebration


By this Covenant, the local collective shall be responsible for the administration of its local celebrations consistent with the intent and provisions of this Covenant. However, in regard to the unique and local history of the souls of a local collective, it shall be a respect of the traditions and the faiths of the local collective that they shall celebrate in a manner according their custom.

Celebration of a lost soul regained to the local collective

While the welcome of a recently departed good soul is a moment to be celebrated, by the power and authority of this Covenant, the greatest celebration of a local collective is the welcome provided to any soul that was lost and now found.

For souls that understand themselves and their faults, that have made amends and passed with grace, theirs is a journey only a fraction compared to the agony and torture of lost and sometimes tormented souls.

The most tormented of these are those so filled with self-hate that beyond death they remain consumed and obsessed with the pain and agony of darkness and evil. By the command of of this most sacred document and union, even to the darkest and most hateful of souls, entry to One Heaven is given.

So it is when such minds are free of their self-hate and awaken to the love that others have for them, in spite of everything they have done, that this is cause for the greatest celebration of a local collective.