Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 76 - Elder Spirit

The Elder Spirit

The Elder Spirit is the leader of the local collective community, its head and prime representative. As such, the role should be considered as one of respect and dignity.

An Elder Spirit is a departed soul who the living community on Earth believes is worthy of such nomination. As such, the Elder Spirit shall be elected by those on Earth for a period of sixty four (64) years and it will be so in Heaven.

Only through spiritual intervention to a regional leader of one of the great orders of wisdom of the great religions shall a recast of name of Elder Spirit be permitted. In such an event, the regional leader shall then be required to resign their post.

Executive Power

By this Covenant, the Elder Spirit is vested with the executive authority to manage the needs and affairs of the local community through the selection or dismissal of wise counsel in the form of the Local Board of directors and administration staff of the local community.

The Elder Spirit as an instrument of power

By the very definition of the role, the Elder Spirit is the purest form of teacher and guide. It is for the value of the message and the discourse of knowledge. It is not for the closing or entrapment of mind, but the freeing of the chains that make us believe we are less.

The Elder Spirit embodies the very covenant of this Covenant and as such each Elder Spirit represents in themselves and their role an instrument of power- a living embodiment of this Covenant.

Ceremonial and positional power

By this Covenant, only a Elder Spirit may perform certain ceremonies, blessings as defined in this Covenant.

Tenure of Elder Spirit

The tenure of an Elder Spirit to an Assembly shall be for a fixed term of sixty four (64) years and be elected by the three great religions during Regional and Local Election proceedings for Heaven known as a General Conclave.

A Elder may remain head of the same Assembly for a maximum of four terms (200 years) at which time they must resign.

Belief Collective and Regional Collective

By this Covenant, there shall always been a maximum of one hundred (100) positions of Elders and therefore one hundred (100) Local Collectives associated with every Belief Collective and Ascended Master and therefore one thousand (1,000) Elders associated with every Saint and Regional Collective.

Therefore, the maximum number of Elders and Local Collectives of One Heaven are 144,000,000.

Local Collective and a Great Faith

By this Covenant, a there are total possible of 144,000,000 positions of Elders and Local Collectives of One Heaven. Each group of ten Local Collectives are therefore assigned to Belief Collective (Ascended Master) which in turn are assigned to a Regional Collective (Saint) which in turn has an association to one of the three Great Faiths, namely One Faith of God, One Islam or One Spirit Tribe.

In turn, the three great faiths represent all the previous, current and future faiths of all men, women and higher order life as one.

Approximately 48,000,000 positions of Elders and local collectives are assigned to each of the three (3) great faiths. An Elder may not be elected to more than one local collective at one time.

Geographic association of saints to sovereign nations

In addition to association of the office of Elder and local collectives to one of the three (3) great faiths, all positions of Elders and local collectives are assigned to a maximum of one nations according to the following criteria:

(i) Every regional collective managed by a Saint must must have a maximum of one thousand (1,000) Elders and local collectives;

Protocols and standards of the Office of Elder

By this Covenant, the Great Conclave are authorized to forge a formal set of protocols and standards regarding the Office of the Elder which relates to the detailed definition and requirements of operational procedure and function necessitated by such a high office.

These standards themselves must embody and be consistent with the specific articles of this Covenant and in turn must be approved by a vote of the Great Conclave. The standards shall be known as the Protocols and standards of the office of Elder.

In terms of the major subject matter dealt with by the Protocols and Standards of the Office of the Elder, the following areas must specifically provide detail and procedures consistent with the Covenant.

(i) Elder inauguration

That a formal set of procedures exist for the inauguration of the Elder befitting such high office. That these procedures incorporate the disclosure of the official seal of office as well as the oath of office.

(ii) Grand Elder

That a formal set of procedures exist for the proper recognition and respect bestowed to a Elder that reaches such tenure of office to be warranted a Grand Elder, including the naming of an official day of respect within the calendar of One-Faith, One-Islam or One-Spirit-Tribe, proper memorials and events befitting such an occasion.