Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 7 - The Saints, Angels and Demons

The saints and ancestors (link)

The saints teach us that life can be led most truly, with clear mind and purpose. That we can show greater wisdom in compassion to our enemy in the knowledge of your greater purpose for our lives. In these greater understandings we owe our lives and destiny to the greater saints.

The angels are the ones who throughout history we have called in prayer, who have guided us and protected us.

The demons are those spirits we have feared, who in the past have been members of the legion of Satan, to whom some have sought power and influence.

The treaty of angels and demons (link)

By the power and authority of this document, and by the command of the Great Spirits including the Great and Holy Spirit Satan as recognized by Article 46 and the Treaty of Divine Feminine, all demons are hereby commanded to swear allegiance to the unity of One Heaven and to end the war.

In recognition of this great and historic treaty, both the angels and demons are recognized as heroes and saints, hereby eligible for election according to the rules of the Great Conclave of One Heaven.

Furthermore, while it may be that a demon, or male or female soul may reject peace and may still act in a deliberately evil manner, by the authority and power of this Covenant, no demon may ever be denied the right of membership to One Heaven.

However, only demons loyal to the command of Satan who join in peace as heroes and therefore as saints are eligible for election of saints.

Election of saints (link)

Vested by this Covenant to the three (3) great and sacred Covenants of One Islam, One Faith of God and the One Spirit Tribe is the power to elect the saints charged with office in One Heaven. It is the duty then of the saints to serve the Great Spirit in the support and betterment of all higher order beings and the release of all souls.

A total of one hundred fourty four thousand (144,000) Saints of office are to be elected by the combined faithful members of the three (3) great religions of One Islam, One Faith of God and the One Spirit Tribe for a period of one hundred years (100) at an official celebration known as the Great Conclave of One Heaven. Saints that have been re - elected three (3) times are known as Holy Saints and ineligible to hold further office except Great Spirit.

Only Holy Saints may be eligible to be elected by the faithful on Earth to the office of Great Spirit of the Unique Collective Awareness of One Heaven.

No founding official known as a saint (link)

Excluding the 1st four (4) Notaries, no living officials of One Heaven on Earth associated with the promulgation of this sacred Covenant are permitted to be elected to the office of Saint.

This is in recognition of the oath of humility, service and obligation accepted by each and every Officer to performing their duties to bring notice of Divine Remedy on behalf of the Divine Creator.