Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconObjects (Supreme Collective)

Article 61 - Ceremony


By this Covenant there shall be formed ceremonies which shall be recognized as supreme sacred objects in themselves. These shall define ceremonies that are performed by the living in respect of those that have passed and ceremonies performed by those that have passed for the living.

Festival of Light

It shall be known by the conjoining of this great Covenant to the Covenant of One Islam, One Faith and One Spirit that once every Earth year around September a ceremony of forty (40) days shall be undertaken at the same time as the annual Supreme Council sessions of these three great faiths.

During this time, it shall be the responsibility of the supreme leadership of One Heaven to provide as much guidance, support and protection as possible to the elected leaders of each supreme council in the deliberation of their affairs.

Festival of Heroes

And in acknowledgment of this covenant, of the end of hell, of the creation of One Heaven, of the creation of the greatest of all Arch-Angels both on Heaven and one Earth there shall be once every Earth year around March a celebration for forty (40) days in which the names of the greatest of arch-angels are honored for their treaty as well as all the departed who have fallen and who have strayed in the past, so that all of these souls may be saved and brought to the One Heaven and peace.

This ceremony shall be celebrated in equal days with the ceremony of the supreme councils so that no less nor more days fall between each in a year.

Feast of Satan

In recognition of the historic treaty bringing peace to heaven, during the Festival of Heroes, there shall be one (1) day around the 14th of March recognized as the Feast Day of Satan.

That this day shall be marked as a sign of respect of Satan being recognized now as a Great and Holy Spirit and a repudiation of all ancient practices of evil, of dark sacrifice, of curse that was once acted in his name.

Instead, the Feast of Satan shall be recognized as a day of peace, of goodness, of charity, of honor and virtue.

Furthermore, this day shall correspond to a most sacred event of One Heaven being the Triumphal March of Satan and his Army into One Heaven which shall officially begin in 2012 upon the completion of the Great Conclave of One Heaven and then be celebrated each and every year.

The Triumphal March of Satan and his Army into One Heaven is in recognition of the Truce and the welcoming of all former enemies, now as members and officials of One Heaven and a reminder and respect of their status as heroes in repudiating evil. Most importantly, it is an event that enables all the souls of One Heaven to focus their forgiveness upon the legions that were once at war and now shall celebrate peace and unity.