Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconObjects (Supreme Collective)

Article 60 - Celebration


By this Covenant, collective celebration shall be respected and recognized as an intrinsic element of our character and our personal journey. That we are departed shall not be a restriction for the continued celebration of milestones in our existences.

Celebration of life ages

Not one memory, not one thought, not one cell, not one drop of awareness in the universe is forgotten, or is ignored. Nor is it the case than anything in the universe, especially awareness is static. That we depart as a child, does not mean we remain a childish mind. That we depart as an elderly man or woman, does not mean we are invalid and old in awareness in One Heaven.

That a baby is never born, does not mean its journey of awareness ends at that point if it and those spirits that have chosen to guard and nurture that awareness deem it not to be so.

This is the mystery of the afterlife in that it parallels life, because as men and women, this is how we seek and see our life journey, our journey of awareness as being so.

Organized Celebration

By this Covenant, the transition into spirit shall be celebrated in parallel to the celebrations of life in the physical. This shall be both in recognition that in spirit we are reborne, to begin our understanding of greater life as a child of awareness, even if we have lived a great and long life.

Furthermore, these organized celebrations are in recognition that when a man, or woman dies, their journey is never over, but just beginning.

image Natal Birth as a spirit
image Baptism Aged 2
image Adventus Aged 12
image Bel Espirit Aged 19
image Genius Aged 33
image Beau Ideal 50 to 70
image Haga Sofia 70 to ?
image Resolution The moment of dying to our selfish hates and angers, the lesser emotions of being a man or woman.
image Union The moment of union to higher spirit of both self and the universe as one. That we gain our true selves, by dying to our lesser selves.