Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 59 - Great Order of Guardians

Great order of guardians

For most believers of One Heaven, the best way they can express their devotion is through the way in which they live their lives and perform their work. These are the families, the children, the husbands and wives. They are the ones that most honour the most sacred meaning of the name of Unique Collective Awareness.

In honour to them and to those that wish to live life in communities, the one One Heaven shall honour them with their own order known as the Great Order of Life.

It shall be charged to this great order to provide local community spiritual guidance and support. To ensure standards and codes are followed by all those who seek to teach others the faith. To ensure local communities have the very best of services and support in education, in health and in pastoral care.

Local spiritual and community guidance

By this Covenant, the Great Order of Guardians is charged with the task of recruiting and training people of sufficient virtue and character that they can provide spiritual support and guidance as anointed leaders.

That all communities of faithful shall have leadership that promotes the improvement of their community, of the compassion to one another, of the respect of life is a task given from the absolute. That not one of his family be alone. That not one of his family be hungry or cold.