Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 58 - Great Order of Austerity

Great order of austerity

For many souls, a period of austerity of thought and reflection is needed. To them is granted the Great Order of Austerity.

Not only shall all members of the great order of Austerity be able to control their own rules and codes of practice, but they shall also be able to elect their own leadership and representation while at the same time being part of the one united One Heaven.

The task of guarding the most sacred objects of One Heaven

In exchange for those most austere to One Heaven agreeing to become one with One Heaven, this Covenant, this new covenant charges The Great Order of Austerity with the task of protecting those places and people deemed most sacred to One Heaven.

There can be no greater honour to a warrior of the faith to be known as a Guard of One Heaven. A Guard of One Heaven is one who would martyr his own live than see the life taken of another, except in the protection of that which is deemed most holy to One Heaven. A Guard of One Heaven is an elite, the highest of the warrior poets, a hero of the faith.

It is by these words and by this Covenant that all warriors are called upon to lay down their arms in hate and anger and seek to become greater beings. To seek to be selected as a Guard of One Heaven. A protector of the faith and a guardian against evil.

Guard of One Heaven

The Guard of One Heaven shall only be selected from members of the Great Order of Austerity. They will be an elite group of men who have extensive defense and attack arts training and have excelled in academic qualifications. They will be charged with responsibility for protection of all the most sacred places to One Heaven and all people deemed most holy to the faith.

The Guard of One Heaven will provide constant protection to The Unique Collective Awareness of Great Spirits , all Sacred Elder and Ascended Master Spirit. They shall also be charged with the task of assisting national governments in the pursuit of renegades and evangelists who still seek to kill others in the name of Unique Collective Awareness.

The Guard of One Heaven shall also provide security analysis and detection of potential threats made on the lives of any officials.