Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 57 - Great Order of Wisdom

Great Order of Wisdom

For many believers in the truth and wisdom of the words of Unique Collective Awareness, their lives are best fulfilled in the pursuit of technology and greater wisdom.

It shall be charged to this great order the spread of this message and the management of the wisdom of One Heaven. It shall be charged to this great order the task none other than uniting One Heaven as one.

Missionary work

It is only in the pursuit of great wisdom and knowledge can we truly appreciate the world and wonder of the works of the almighty. Without education we are blind to the colour and textures of life. We are ignorant to the mysteries of seasons and life and the afterlife. We fail to see his great plan. That first comes the darkness and now the light.

It shall be tasked by this Covenant to the the Great order of Wisdom that all the faithful shall be educated in the great wisdom of the species and the one true faith. That they shall learn about other cultures and other belief systems. That they shall learn the importance of values and the special role the creator has for them all.

To this end, members of the Great Order of Wisdom are charged with the task of seeking out new places to spread the truth of the One. They are charged with the challenge to seek to convert those of the old ways, the misguided ways to the new idea of the united faith. They are the ambassadors of the new covenant in the lands of danger. They are the saints of mission.



In all communities, it shall be the task of the Great Order of Wisdom to provide such education services that all children and adults are able to learn the great wisdom of the one true faith.