Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 5 - Prime Objectives of One Heaven

Prime objectives of One Heaven (link)

One Heaven exists for the benefit of all higher order beings, all souls and for the betterment of the lives, minds and souls of the faithful of the three great religions, One Islam, One Faith of God and The One Spirit Tribe.

That not one soul is permitted to be cursed, or cast out. That even those who have committed evil deeds in life are given the chance to repent and seek redemption. That not one of us will be lost. That the gates of Hell are closed forever. That Heaven is united.

These are the prime objectives of One Heaven.

Unite, Heal and Protect

1. Unite Heaven and end the war

To unite the different heavens and hells and end the spiritual war that has raged for thousands of years.

To provide a framework for peace, a universal amnesty concerning the actions of the past and a recognition of the inherent right of all higher order spirits (Homo Sapien and other higher order life) to be rightful members of One Heaven.

2. Heal the Earth

To honor the Treaty of the Earth and to help health the Earth, by helping to ending poverty, violence, sadness. To help people be everything they can be, to better themselves. To see their purpose.

To help free the souls in the many hells. To combat those souls who wish to still practice in unwise and wicked ways and help them see the wisdom of a United Heaven that even the very worst of souls are forgiven and redeemed.

In freeing of souls from evil places, the Earth itself will heal and the cities and buildings of living souls are healed and so our life and world will be healed.

3. Protect the Earth

To honor the Treaty of the Earth and to protect the Earth against dangers from within and outside the Solar System.

To help inspire great scientists and artists in their creative endeavors

To help answer the prayers of those who ask for help by assisting where it is both wise and possible through thought and dream.

To assist the leadership of the three great religions in their spiritual guidance.

To help inspire and illustrate information to spiritual mediums who are accredited as having clear minds through one of the three great religions.

4. To bring back Life to Mars

To Honor the Treaty of the Sun and to build a Moon for Mars, compressing its atmosphere so that it will rain in Mars within 128 years and sustain life soon thereafter, thereby increasing the comet attracting mass of our Solar System, thereby effecting fair remedy for our Sun in demonstrating a cure to increasing its supply of hydrogen from the tails of comets.