Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 42 - Life Record

Life Record (link)

A Life Record is any valid and duly authorized record recognizing the commencement of a term, award, patent, tenure, existence, grant, agreement, gift, permission or bond into a lesser Great Register and Public Record of one of the societies associated with One Heaven in accordance with this Covenant.

A Life Record is less than a Divine Record as once a Divine Record is created it cannot be uncreated, whereas every Life Record is temporary and must eventually be transferred to become a Death Record.
A Life Record may only be issued in accordance with the Articles of this most sacred Covenant.


Life Record and creation of Living Trust (link)

A Life Record is formed in accordance with this sacred Covenant when a Living Trust is formed being either a Trust, Superior, Temporary or Inferior Living Trust:

(i) A True Trust is the highest form of Living Trust. A True Trust is formed through the pre-existence of a Divine Trust in the lawful conveyance from the Divine Trust into the True Trust of the Divine Rights of Use known as Divinity, being the highest possible form of any kind of Property; and

(ii) A Superior Trust is the second highest form of Living Trust formed through the pre-existence of a True Trust in the lawful conveyance into the Superior Trust of Property in the form of Realty being the highest form of Rights of Use of Object and Concepts by Divine Right, also known as Divinity; and

(iii) A Temporary Trust is the third highest form of Living Trust involving the temporary conveyance of property from one Superior Trust to another. Excluding Negotiable Instruments, a Temporary Trust is not permitted to exist beyond 720 days; and

(iv) An Inferior Trust also known as an Inferior Roman Trust, or simply Roman Trust is the lowest form of Living Trust possessing the lowest form of rights of ownership. An Inferior Trust is any Living Trust formed by inferior Roman Law, claims and statutes.


Valid Issue of Live Borne Record (link)

All Members of One Heaven living on or after the Day of Divine Agreement & Understanding being UCA E8:Y3208:8:A1:S1:M27:D1 also known as [Monday, 21 Dec 2009] have the absolute right to request a valid abstract of their Live Borne Record for the purpose of proof of their Divine Personality and True Personality as well as the existence of their Divine Trust and True Trust holding Divine Property also known as Divine Right of Use.

A Live Borne Record is proof of the Redemption of the membership and trust number of a member calculated on their borne date.

As a valid Live Borne Record is an extremely valuable instrument, it may only be issued under one of two conditions of validation:

(i) An affirmation has been made, sealed and witnessed by two other members previously granted Live Borne Records that the member is unable to obtain a copy of their live birth record by the member or blood related kin; or

(ii) That a member through the perfection of an Ecclesiastical Deed supported by any subsequent Deeds of Protest and Judgment claim a senior Ecclesiastical Office such as that by definition they claim the source of their authority from Heaven and the Divine Creator.

A Live Borne Record issued without one of these two conditions being met is automatically invalid from the time of issue.

Structure of a valid Live Borne Record (link)

A valid Live Borne Record is an authenticated abstract issued to a member by a Ucadian Society when a member has met a condition of validation and:

(i) Lists the official name, symbol, name of the covenant, trust number of One Heaven and words "great register" at the top of the document; and

(ii) Clearly indicates the document is an Abstract, which is an Extract of an Event Record from the Great Register; and

(iii) Lists the words "Live Borne Record" before the name of the trust; and

(iv) Makes a formal reference to this Article of the Covenant; and

(v) Lists the trust name, the trust number as well as the trust birth event for the true trust; and

(vi) Includes a unique register number for the document for the greater register; and

(vii) Includes a UCADIA Time Event; and

(viii) Is sealed by a Judge of One Heaven or a Judge holding the powers of the Supreme Court of One Heaven for the purpose of sealing a Live Borne Record; and

(ix) Is sealed by a Registrar for Births, Deaths and Liens of the Supreme Court of One Heaven

If one or more of these conditions are not me, then a Live Borne Record is invalid.


Live Borne Record as Superior Title (link)

A valid Live Borne Record is proof of superior title above all other claimed registrations, ledgers and property rights. When issued to an inferior society, a valid Live Borne Record is a formal contest of such inferior title, preventing by law that society from conveying any property or rights based on their inferior claim until the contested title is resolved.

When such a society refuses to acknowledge the legitimate contest of title and conveys property and rights by Deed, then such Deeds are an abomination before all Heaven, have no Ecclesiastical authority whatsoever, with any officer authorizing such a dishonor automatically stripped of their right to administer any and all property and deeds.


Issue of Live Borne Record to inferior Society (link)

As members may reside in an alternate society, there is sometimes the need to ensure that a member is properly recognized, has all the proper paperwork and credentials required for commerce by the other society.

A Live Borne Record therefore is an important assistance to members in these instances. However, while a Live Borne Record may be issued under certain conditions, in no way may a Live Borne Record ever be considered a conveyance of legal title from the society. Similarly, any contrivance, trick or instrument used to imply such conveyance has no effect nor force of law.

The issue of a Live Borne Record to an inferior society, such as an inferior Roman society is permitted under the following conditions:

(i) That the Ucadian society in which the member also resides does not yet have an established treaty or agreement with the inferior society to ensure the necessary credentials may be handled directly as society to society; or

(ii) That the Ucadian society in which the member also resides is not able to provide a particular service required.


Cancellation of Live Borne Record (link)

As a Live Borne Record is a certificate of record of a valid Divine Event, no power exists in Heaven or Earth to annul the event, therefore cancel such an instrument.

While a member has the absolute right to demand the cancellation of inferior certificates and the annulment of false records of event that contest the legitimacy of a Live Borne Record, the only criteria by which a Live Borne Record may be cancelled is when the information provided in the creation of the Live Borne Record was knowingly false.

The desire for any man, woman or higher order spirit to disavow, decline or rescind any previous action in being associated with the society has no effect in allowing or permitting the cancellation of a valid Live Borne Record.