Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 41 - Divine Record

Divine Record

A Divine Record is any valid and duly authorized record entered into the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven in accordance with this Covenant.

A Divine Record is the highest and most superior form of all record as once a Divine Record is created it cannot be uncreated.

A Divine Record may only be issued in accordance with the Articles of this most sacred Covenant.




Divine Record and existence of Divine Trust

A Divine Record is formed in accordance with this sacred Covenant when a Divine Trust is formed.

A Divine Trust is a purely Spiritual Trust validly registered into the Great Register and Public Record of One Heaven containing actual Spiritual Form as well as Divine Property administered by the Treasury of One Heaven as Trustees in accordance with the sacred Covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum as Sacred Deed for the Benefice of a Divine Person.

The Divine Form conveyed into a valid Divine Trust for a Divine Immortal Spirit is known as the Divine Corpus, or Divine Living Body representing a valid legal personality known as the Divine Person.

Therefore, a Divine Trust is the only possible type of Trust that can hold actual Form, rather than just the Rights of Use of Form (Property).


Creation of Divine Trusts and Divine Records

Divine Trusts are created by the inception of Divine, consent of the Divine then expression of the will of the Divine Creator through a most sacred event and association in accordance with the Covenant solely through the operation of the "Ways and Means" of the thirty three (33) most sacred Sacraments as expressed in Canonum De Lex Ecclesium:

(i) The Key Sacraments, also known as "The Keys" are seven (7) of the thirty three (33) sacred rites, also known as the potestas clavium or simply the “Power of the Keys” make manifest the Cardinal Sacraments and Apostolic Sacraments and so are ever present in all sacraments but never directly sourced; and

(ii) The Cardinal Sacraments also known as “The Ways” are fourteen(14) of the thirty three (33) sacred rites that each creates a unique Divine Trust in relation to that event in Ucadian time and space as an eternal record being Consecration, Offering, Matrimony, Union, Record, Penance, Oath, Testimony, Investiture, Clemency, Sponsor, Convocation, Prescription and Rescription; and

(iii) The Apostolic Life Sacraments also known as “The Means” are the twelve (12) of the thirty three (33) sacred rites whereby each sacrament creates new property and form that is added to one existing Divine Trust formed upon the first of the Apostolic Sacraments being Annunciation, Natal, Divinus, Adventus, Epinoia, Genius, Beau Ideal, Haga Sofia, Adieu, Resolution, Remembrance and Veneration.