Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 40 - Rights and Obligations of Membership

Rights of Membership (link)

A member who has redeemed their membership number and valid Live Borne Record is entitled to certain rights associated with their role as a member.

Obligations of membership of One Heaven (link)

While membership to One Heaven by this Covenant is an irrevocable right extended to each and every man or woman, departed or living, now and forever, the provision of member privileges are subject to meeting the follow obligations:

  1. Respect of one's self; and
  2. Respect of all spiritual beings; and
  3. Respect of all living things; and
  4. Ongoing reflection and growth in personal knowledge; and
  5. Participation in the processes of One Heaven; and
  6. To provide a positive contribution to one or more of the services of heaven.
Permanent Issue of Membership Numbers (link)

Once issued under valid context, a Membership Number for One Heaven cannot be rescinded. Therefore, no matter what act against the laws of this Covenant and One Heaven, a spirit or living being may not be expelled from One Heaven, nor may their membership number be suspended.



Crime against the Divine Creator and One Heaven (link)

Should a case be brought before a Justice of One Heaven in any of the courts whereby the behaviour of an individual is deemed to have directly and deliberately disobeyed a fundamental rule of the Divine Creator, then that spirit may be placed in a temporary state of solitary reflection or some other education process still within One Heaven.