Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 4 - Existence of One Heaven

Existence of One Heaven (link)

By the power and authority of this Divine Covenant, the Society of One Heaven is real and possesses valid existence and independence upon the ratification of the Treaty of the Divine Masculine , the Treaty of the Divine Feminine, the Treaty of the Divine Apostles, the Treaty of Angels, Saints and Demons and the Treaty of United States of Spirits either by the Day of Judgment or the Day of Redemption by Notorial Process for an on behalf of the Divine Creator.

Therefore by the Day of Redemption, the Society of One Heaven is to be regarded by all laws of all societies according the most fundamental and sacred principles common to all law that it holds the highest immortal incorporation, with no company higher, nor greater spiritual, legal, moral or temporal authority than the Society.

One Heaven Unique Divine Trust (link)

The Unique Member Number and Divine Trust Registration Number of the Society is:


The Divine Trust is formed through conveyance of all Heaven and all Existence into it in the form of Unique Collective Awareness within and without form.

Therefore, the Society of One Heaven possesses its own life and soul as the supreme society of all societies and the highest jurisdiction of all jurisdictions by the highest laws of all laws.