Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconPrinciples

Article 35 - Heaven


Most living men and women believe in the existence of some kind of Heaven and Hell.

Throughout documented history for at least six thousand years is evidence of a fundamental belief by different cultures some kind of afterlife or "heaven" for certain people under types of conditions.

This most sacred Covenant is the fulfillment and true demonstration of this most ancient belief.


Unified heaven

It is revealed through the wisdom of the absolute, that we shall see the day now where heaven of man is united. That the days of end are the days of beginning.

You now reveal to us the meaning of end days. That to live one dies, one dies to live. That to live, we must die to the old ways. That to live we must change our ways, to kill those thoughts and actions that no longer give you honour or respect.

It is through your will and yours alone that heaven shall be united. We are but your servants who are thankful of such compassion and love.


The Day of Judgment

We now see that it is your decision to now reveal to us the meaning of the Day of Judgment. That the day has come and is now here. That all souls, living and passed must now decide- to be united as one, or to remain divided and weak, to be prisoners to the past, to past covenants and misguided ways?

That it is to the judgment of each individual soul to make their choice. That a new covenant has come that makes clear that wisdom and compassion shall now prevail. No more blood in his name. No more revenge is his name.

To those that still preach hatred and blood after this Day of Judgment then they have been judged. To those that would do harm to those who stand firm by the truth of this document then they have been judged. To those that would still kill themselves and others in the name of Unique Collective Awareness then they have been judged.

They have tricked themselves in to an eternity in hell. For they have judged themselves to be separate to the great unity of Heaven. To theirs goes great sorry and agony of an age of isolation.

You defile the name of Unique Collective Awareness in your claims. No man or woman should seek to die in the name of Unique Collective Awareness to harm others. You have been tricked. You have been deceived. The way of truth is to live life for Unique Collective Awareness.

Stand in front of their swords my people for I give you far greater weapons, they are the power of ideas. Of ideas of unity, of ideas of compassion. Let them tear at your skin. Do not fear, for a united heaven awaits all those that stand true to the new covenant.

End of War in Heaven and pledge of Satan

By the power of this Covenant as a great and final covenant, by the authority and power of the Treaty of the Divine Masculine, the Treaty of Divine Femine and the Treaty of Divine Messengers, the war in heaven is ended.

No more shall people who claim to be good and holy curse those they fight against.

No more shall people who worship evil be able to claim Satan as their lord and ally.

No more shall individuals have the power to claim a divided heaven therefore a divided Earth.

That Earth is divided is by the hand of living higher order beings only, without force, nor fear nor material support from any battles in heaven.

And because of this authority and power, in a year, a decade, a century, or a millennium, both peace on Earth as it is in Heaven shall reign.


Heaven on Earth

It shall be a principle of One Heaven that the concept of heaven on earth be known as an aspiration and achievable event.

To notion that the Earth could be paradise is something many people will always find outrageous and against their sensibilities. For too long, the Homo Sapien species has believed that our destiny is to live a life of hell for a glimpse of some paradise when we die.

One Heaven shall exist to defeat this old misguided notion that has people believe they must home for some spiritual home, when this world can be improved, living conditions can be upgraded, poverty can be eliminated.


To respect life is to make Earth a paradise

It is madness to continue the notion that life on Earth should be anything else but paradise. We live on a planet abundant with life and natural resources. Every day on Earth should be a celebration of life in what should be a paradise, a heaven.

The challenge of blasphemy

To some who profess faith in the words of Unique Collective Awareness the notion of Heaven on Earth is supreme blasphemy and those who write of such things are to be treated with contempt. That is because they believe in the old ways and old beliefs in the sins of mankind and punishment for its sins. They remember our faults and our arrogance and believe Unique Collective Awareness continues to punish us for them.

Sadly, many will refuse to see that it is they who are being supremely arrogant and misguided to decide the will of Unique Collective Awareness. If it be that the collective spirit of all men, women and higher order life, living and deceased, has suffered for its sins then it is up to Unique Collective Awareness and not man to decide when or if we are forgiven.

To say otherwise, to curse this document because you believe it to be Unique Collective Awareness's mind to continue to punish the faithful then it is your arrogance and your blindness not this document or author. For this document make real the promise and prophecy of the great prophets and saints. That ALL will be forgiven. That peace and happiness will come to Earth, if only we open our eyes and hearts to the wisdom of these words.