Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconPrinciples

Article 32 - Property and Ownership


Property is any fictional Right of Use expressed into a Trust relationship with other Forms whereby there exists a claimed Form of Ownership, Form of Trustee(s) administering the Form as Property and Forms of Beneficiaries. Hence Property is the Rights of an Owner to Use the Form, never ownership of the object or concept itself.

Property is equivalent to Rights of Use of an Object or Concept, not Rights of Ownership of an Object or Concept.


An Owner is a Person who holds the rightful claim to a Form or title to Property. As a Person is a fiction, it cannot "own" objects and concepts, only other fictions in accordance with Divine Law, Natural Law and Positive Law.

Except for the Divine Creator, by Divine Law and Natural Law objects and concepts cannot "own" one another only themselves. Therefore, the Divine Creator, also known as Unique Collective Awareness, is the only true "owner" of objects and concepts.

When original Form owing its existence to the rightful claim of ownership of the Divine Creator is lawfully conveyed into Trust this is called Realty, or Real Property representing the highest Right of Use above all other claims of right and title.

In accordance with the will of the Divine Creator, this sacred Deed and the seven (7) sacred pronouncements of Ucadia, all objects, concepts and all awareness is hereby lawfully expressed and granted into the Trust administered by the Society of One Heaven for the benefit of all men, women, higher order beings, animals and life forms living and deceased now and forever more.

In accordance with this sacred Deed and Covenant, any and all claims of ownership, conveyance, Trust that are not in accord with this sacred Deed and the will of the Divine Creator are henceforth null, void from the beginning, consistent with the notice of unlawful conveyance.


Title of Ownership

A Title is a fiction term applying to a collection of legal Rights to Property and another name for the Deed or certificate that proves such a claim.

As Title relates to Property and Property always relates to a Trust or an Estate of a Testamentary Trust, the Rights defined in Title are defined by limits of Rights conveyed into the Trust.

Two main forms of Title exist, Legal Title and Equitable Title.

Legal Title refers to Rights of Ownership, usually held by the Trustee, Executor or Administrator of the Trust.

Equitable Title refers to the Rights of Use, usually held by the Beneficiary, Leaseholder, Tenant of Property of the Trust. While the word "Owner" is used with Equitable Title, it merely refers to the Title and not the Property of the Trust.


Grants and Presents including conveyance of Title

In accordance with the intent and wishes of the Divine Creator united Heaven and Hell, all lesser deities, all angels, all demons and all higher order spirits, the Trustees of One Heaven hereby Give, Grant and Convey certain Rights and Title to lesser Trusts as specified in the following Articles.

The Gift, Grant and Conveyance of such Rights and Title in no way implies the ceding of the full legal title and rights of ownership given to One Heaven, but the free rights of Use, without encumbrances, liens, fees or any other charges.

Nothing in part or implied by any Gift, Grant or Conveyance of Presents herein may be lawfully used to imply a diminishing of the full property rights and ownership of One Heaven above all other societies, trusts, persons, entities, dimensions, concepts, spirits or forces.