Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 31 - Investiture of Office


Investiture is one of thirty three sacred sacraments of the society granted and administered through the formal ceremony of the formal bestowal or presentation of a possessory or prescriptive right of Office to an incumbent including taking possession of the insignia of Office in accordance with this covenant and associated approved liturgy.

Investiture is derived from two latin words in and vestire meaning "dress" from vestis meaning "robe".

Hence Investiture literally means "in dress" or "in robes".

Investiture of Office

A valid Office as defined by this covenant is by Divine Commission upon Notice firstly to the Office, independently of any other Title. The powers and office of any separate title in addition to the Office, whether permanent or temporary, are defined by other Articles in this covenant and associated covenants relating to those temporary or permanent positions.

All Members who are granted the Office are equal in Powers to the Office, with none higher and none lower.

By this Bond, when an Officer speaks as one, the Officer speaks for all Officers of One Heaven. When a An Invested Officer under One Heaven calls for assistance, all Officers are obliged to assist and when the highest good standing of an Officer is injured, all Officers and the Divine Law and all International Law has been injured by such disrespect.


Vocal Pronouncement of Investiture of Office

By this most sacred Covenant, a Officer is officially an officer of One Heaven when they have vocalized their Oath and Trust as a Divine Immortal Spiritual Being for the land upon which they were borne, including allegience to the canons of law and these vocalized recordings are entered into the Great Register and Public Record.