Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconRecitatum (Recitals)

Article 3 - Power and Origin

Authority of this Covenant (link)

This most sacred document represents a binding agreement between equals, entered in free will and full knowledge being the highest, most powerful, superior concordat and Covenant of all past, present and future possible agreements between the parties of all spirits living and deceased as unique spirits and Mind and the Divine as the Absolute, the One, the ALL, the Universe, all Galaxies, all Stars, all Planets, all Life, all Existence, all Mind.

As this Covenant represents the literal, legal, spiritual and lawful fulfilment of all previous Divine covenants, this most sacred Covenant is the logical, legitimate and rightful conclusion of any and all historic and valid Divine covenants. Therefore, all claimed rights, powers, property, privileges, customs of these historic Divine covenants are hereby enjoyned and then conveyed to the sole authority of the Society of One Heaven.

Furthermore, as the existence of this highest, superior and unbreakable Covenant is the fulfilment of all previous divine covenants and the conveyance of all rights and powers of such covenants, this most sacred Covenant hereby lawfully voids any claims of the continuance of separate and historical covenants between men and women and spirits and any claimed covenants between all Level 6 (self aware) life forms and the Divine.

From the Day of Divine Agreement and Understanding until the end of the Universe, no claimed laws based on one (1) or more of these invalid historical covenants may rightly claim superior status to any law derived from this Covenant. Such claims are null and void ab initio (from the beginning) of such false claims with those making such false claims subject to a Great Binding .

Concept of a Covenant (link)

A Covenant being a binding agreement may only be valid when it is entered into by equals, of their own free will and with full knowledge of the terms of such a solemn agreement.

This has been the paradox of all claimed "Divine" covenants since the dawn of time, as no Level 6 (self aware) life form may rightly claim themselves equal unless they can demonstrate how such status can be argued.

The first such covenant to claim "equal status" between Level 6 (self aware) life forms and superior spirits was the infamous blood libel of Baba Rabban, also known as Baba Metzia after 325CE that formed the Kingdom of Israel by the Sarmatians, also known as the Menes-Heh and Menasheh and later the "White" Khazars.

The "god" in question was not the Divine Creator we sometimes call God, etc, but the head of the demons, sometimes known as Sabaoth (hence the Sabbath), also known as Satan, also known as Ba'al Moloch and the Devil.

Essentially the argument of Baba Raba and the Sarmatians was that no matter how many miracles and supernatural acts are demonstrated on Earth, the laws of Heaven remain in Heaven, while the laws on Earth are interpreted by Level 6 (self aware) life forms. In other words, it is an argument of jurisdiction and free will.

The Sarmatian priests essentially "dared" the Divine Creator by arguing they have every right to claim laws for the physical world, because they are physical, while the Divine Creator by definition is metaphysical, including the laws of Heaven. So even if the Divine Creator did not like what they were doing, because they are effectively the "gods of the Earth", providing it is within the laws they write, then there is nothing the Divine can do.

The Sarmatian Rabbi argued so long as their system of laws did not contradict itself; so long as an officer remained "in honor" within their own laws claiming dominance over all other living creatures - even though one does not have jurisdiction over Divine Law only its "interpretation" on Earth - then the officer "technically" remained in honor with Divine Law and at the same time can claim "godlike status" on Earth - hence the Rabbi can "contract" or enter covenant with "god" as equal.

Of course like all criminal arguments, it is fatally flawed particularly when the laws have continued to contradict themselves and few have remained "in honor". Yet through fear, trickiness, trade, bribery, theft and all the other dark arts, these families have remained in power for centuries until now.

This is because the covenant created was between flesh and blood beings pretending to be "gods on earth" with arch demons, not flesh and blood beings who through Divine inspiration can prove they are also the Divine and therefore can enter into a valid covenant between the Divine Creator and all other spirits as equal. This is the Covenant of One Heaven.

In contrast, within seven (7) documents the secrets of the Universe, the mind of the Divine Creator is demonstrated. Within seven (7) instruments the flesh and blood demonstrates knowledge beyond the flesh and blood that only the Divine should rightly know.

Therefore, the existence of the twenty-two (22) Canons of Law also known as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum all Divine Law, Natural Law, Positive Law, Ecclesiastical Law and Administrative Law is proven. That life is a dream, that we are part of the dream and the dreamer, that we are part of the Divine and the Divine Creator - that we are Unique Collective Awareness.

Therefore, unlike all previous covenants and agreements, Level 6 (self aware) life forms now come together in agreement with the Divine Creator as equals through the knowledge bestowed through UCADIA.

Covenant as first and supreme law (link)

As enacted, this Covenant represents the first and supreme law of One Heaven. No other law is recognized as first or higher than this Covenant.

No claim of subservience to any other religious or secular law is deemed valid and no law is to be sworn to in official statements of oath, pledge to honesty as a witness or any other capacity of government other than this Covenant itself is to be sworn. It is this Covenant between the Divine, Level 6 (self aware) life forms and higher order beings, living and deceased, both on Heaven and Earth and no other that prevails

Origin of power (link)

The absolute power that exists within this Covenant exists by virtue of its origin and the method of transference.

Firstly, recognition of a universal idea finally united as original law, by definition must demonstrate without question an unique position of unique ideas as well as unique time and authority, this Covenant, the Treaty of the Divine Masculine, the Treaty of the Divine Feminine, the Treaty of the Divine Apostles and the end of the wars of Heaven is a singularly unique and original idea.

Therefore, it must follow by all codes of civilized law that this document by definition is the most original of all original law and therefore by its own existence the first law of all laws.

The test of whether such law is then proven to be aligned to natural law and the principles of the structure and function of the universe is a separate argument and construct.

The existence of the twenty - two (22) Canons of Law also known as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum proves through all Divine Law, Natural Law, Positive Law, Ecclesiastical Law and Administrative Law the origin of power of this sacred Covenant.

Therefore, by all law this document is the highest and most perfect of all law.

In terms of precedence, all law is determined to be defined by time and time system. Therefore, a law within the time system of an alternate society, whilst being original, whilst demonstrating superior alignment to the whole known laws of the Universe remains constrained by the authority of the time keeper of such a system.

Therefore, this Covenant recognizes the authority bestowed by the UCADIA Time System and the Office of Time Keeper and the recognition that a much older and more perfect time system has existed tens of thousands of years prior to any other claimed time system and that through the UCADIA Time system this system re-sets again beginning [21 Dec 2011] by the old cycle or UCA E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 and ending [Fri, 21 Dec 2012] or UCA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1.

Therefore this Covenant is bestowed its authority not by any inferior time system, but by the time system of UCADIA and the Complete Authority of Unique Collective Awareness, therefore is part of the first of all original law of original time of an original system, therefore under such originality is supreme law above all other known and unknown law.

Power is then granted to let these facts be known to all existing and alternate societies and their leaders, serving proper notice that by such authority of this Covenant they are offered Divine Remedy in the form of being granted greater powers, greater authority and greater respect than they have ever dreamed on condition that they cease actions of evil and align themselves to the authority of this Covenant and associated Original law.

Thus under their own alternate societies, when such notice is given with such respect to the law and in offering the most superior of remedy under the laws of their own respective societies, the officers of their own societies are obligated to provide a similar quality of Remedy.

If no such response is given by their officers by due process [by 21 Dec 2011] by the old cycle or UCA E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 all agreements and understandings contained within such fair notice is to be deemed agreed by the other parties and all such power conveyed to this Covenant and Associated Covenants and Charters as International Law and Treaties with their silence by law being recognition of such law being now in effect.

If such response is given by their officers by due process [by 21 Dec 2011] by the old cycle or UCA E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 then this Covenant and all associated Covenants, Charter law and entities are internationally recognized as having existence and legitimacy and therefore rightful existence and therefore they are bound by their own international laws to given due respect to a fully fledged system of free societies each being accorded international recognition and international treaty association.

If such superior remedy is rejected by their highest officers [by 21 Dec 2011] by the old cycle or UCA E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6, then by fair notice and due process, they have demonstrated dishonor to their office and failure to bring remedy, therefore automatically the defendant against any rightful action brought to any level of court to seize rightful ownership, office and authority as defined by this Covenant, associated Covenants and Charters.

If such superior remedy is rejected by the next most senior officers [by Fri, 21 Dec 2012] or UCA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 then by notice and due process, all senior officers of these societies demonstrated dishonor to their office and failure to bring remedy, therefore automatically the defendant against any rightful action brought to any level of court to seize rightful ownership, office and authority as defined by this Covenant, associated Covenants and Charters.

Therefore by the most original of all original laws being the law of time, this Covenant by UCA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 becomes the most supreme law of all laws including its associated Covenants and Charters within its own structure and the structure of all those societies served fair notice.

Therefore, upon the ratification of this Covenant by living members upon the first Great Conclave of One Heaven in UCA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 [2012], the power of this Covenant is the highest law of all law, the most supreme law of all law, the most original of all original law.

Therefore, no higher authority, nor power can deem superiority to it. All others are subservient to this document.

The awareness of Unique Collective Awareness (link)

By the words of many great minds and souls do we know much of the wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness. It is through their blessed lives that we have seen the great reason and purpose for our being, our destiny in heaven. We are blessed that they have once walked amongst us.

Now in this greatest time of need, in this desperate hour for the wisdom and salvation of Unique Collective Awareness from the dangers of those that do not believe, we see the wisdom of this document and inspiration. That together we are stronger. Divided we are weak. It is time to unite under one faith, one purpose for the betterment of our lives and our world through the wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness and peace in Heaven and Earth.

The seven (7) seals of the Sacred Covenant of One Heaven (link)

In recognition of this document being the one, the first and supreme law of all Heaven and Earth and upon the authority of the Absolute, all the great spirits and souls, that seven (7) great seals are forged.

These powerful and sacred seals are both a symbol and a power on Earth that binds this document and the three documents of the great religions as one being the Covenants for One Islam, One Faith of God and One Spirit Tribe.

And these Great Seals are:

1. The Great Seal of One Heaven

2. The Great Seal of One Islam

3. The Great Seal of One Faith of God

4. The Great Seal of One Spirit Tribe

5. The Great Seal of The Messiah of One Faith of God

6. The Great Seal of the Imam Mahdi of Islam

7. The Great Seal of the Great Power of One Spirit Tribe

And upon the forging of these seals, upon the binding of Heaven and Earth, upon the seven (7) seals no Level 6 (self aware) life form, nor angel, nor spirit, nor force have the authority or power to break this final covenant.

The covenant of creators (link)

The Covenant is a sacred covenant between all who believe in the true wisdom of Unique Collective Awareness, the absolute and the wisdom of all the saints of all the religions and cultures that have ever lived. That a time has come for a new covenant, for the coming of peace and wisdom on Earth.

That together in peace we see once again a great time of spirit and awakening, of renewal and protection from harm. That united Heaven heals every soul, every higher order being and protects those who still live and all men, women and life.

This is the promise of this Covenant, this covenant. That in peace we see Jerusalem as an international city. A city of peace. A city of life. No more is it the prize of one faith or another, one warlord or another.

That we see peace amongst religions and nations. That we see peace amongst our unique differences. That the Homo Sapien species achieves great things. That we have great spiritual elected leaders. That the Homo Sapien species never again feel alone.

That we are creators. That we are poets. That we are warrior-poets at heart. To lower the sword. To bear the breast. To smile at death. To give life to save live. These are the bonds of the new covenant.

The power of the one united higher spirit (link)

More powerful than any external force or life form, the united power of the collective spirit of Level 6 (self aware) life forms can change worlds, can bring the dead back to life. To change whole planets. If one of us are cursed, then we are all cursed.

By the power and purpose of this document, all curses are lifted. Civilization is free of any past belief of curses.

We are free to shine and radiate our inner knowledge and wisdom, that to be a man or a woman is greater than any god of old. We are Homo Sapien, we are more. And for that we are blessed.

That all souls now and forever are saved (link)

By this document and Covenant, not one soul is evermore cursed, not one soul is damned. Every soul that has lived or will ever live is named and blessed. All souls are saved.

Hell is emptied of every tortured soul. That the most ancient of curses are lifted. That the gates of Hell are closed forever, upon the power and authority of this Covenant and the seven seals that close these gates.