Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

section iconPrinciples

Article 29 - Spiritual responsibilities

Spiritual responsibilities

Every soul is responsible for their own actions and good conduct. At each age, higher order beings must accept certain responsibilities to belong to a society and receive certain privileges.


Responsibilities of a child soul

  • It is a responsibility of a child soul to obey their parents, subject to the rights of the child being honoured by the parents. If a child soul does not have a departed parent, then it is up to an immediate relative guardian to protect and raise the awareness and life journey in Heaven. If no relative exists, then a Guardian is to be appointed.


Responsibilities of a parent

  • It is a prime responsibility of a parent soul to ensure their children are adequately protected from harm and continue to learn and participate in heaven if their children are departed.
  • Additionally, it the responsibility of a parent to ensure their children are treated with kindness and affection, so that they develop fully as balanced higher order beings.
  • It is also a responsibility of a parent to ensure that their children are given the best and broadest Education possible so that they may have every opportunity to achieve their individual ideals.


Responsibilities of an adult soul

  • It is a prime responsibility of all adult souls within heaven to do their best to improve themselves, to help themselves and to help others.
  • Additionally, it is a responsibility of every adult soul in heaven to assist the society in achieving its co-operative objectives.