Pactum De Singularis Caelum

Covenant of One Heaven

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Article 27 - Spiritual needs

Spiritual needs (link)

By this Covenant, we recognize the absolute truth that all higher order beings are spiritual beings first, having full and valid existence in the great Unique Collective Awareness and living beings second, having full and valid life in physical dimension according to the laws of Unique Collective Awareness as UCADIA.

Therefore, a living man or woman is more than just the skin and bones of life. When a body dies, the spiritual being continues its immortal existence. However, the unique miracle of life is that whilst as spirit was are of limitless potential, as beings having experienced life as men and women, we choose to continue conscious immortal existence with the same limited.

So while a soul departed to One Heaven has no requirement of the objects of the physical world, there remains the indisputable fact that as immortal spirits, we continue to express our needs in the same context as life as a Homo Sapien Sapien.

This being so, by this Covenant the following are be the needs of all souls who have departed.


  • It is a fundamental need of all unique spirits that they receive and exchange regular affection from other unique spirits and those living men and women with whom they have mutual relationships.


Life purpose

  • It is a fundamental need of every higher order being to have a purpose to which their life and death has meaning. Thus by this Covenant all souls departed have a specific purpose and role.



  • All souls require access to positive knowledge in all its forms to help promote the individual to their full potential. A soul newly departed may still require great learning and understanding to understand the full wonder of unique collective awareness and the universe and life.



  • Work is defined as the actions of a higher order being to create some kind of good and service for others so that they can receive the goods and services they need.
  • All higher order being need useful and meaningful work even in a state of heaven
  • There is no law in the Universe that says life has to be hard.
  • There is no law in the universe that says members of the Homo Sapien species should do some form of work all their spiritual lives.



  • All departed souls require a vacation from their duties and work.



  • Recreation is a fundamental need of each and every higher order being. It should be respected and understood that all spirit beings have the desire to seek a temporary break from the collective dream of One Heaven.
  • Entertainment should at all times reflect the fundamental values of being a higher order spirit- the values of life, the values of affection and Education, the freedom of choice and the right to choose.


Thinking skills

  • All souls should be versed in the different approaches and skills to thinking in an optimum approach. All souls need to be free to think their own thoughts, free from intimidation or influence.



  • Every soul that has departed needs some kind of forgiveness from those still living and those departed souls.



  • Every soul needs to be remembered in some way. Remembrance for many of us means that for those still living we carry on in life. This might be through the existence of children and grandchildren. For others, it might be creative works or great works of men and women.



  • Every male or female spirit, not matter what their deeds requires remedy and redemption.